A6: Someone Said I Couldn't Die in Vain

Trying to relax the body from the sudden freezing, I lowered my hand and turned around like a robot. Something is wrong with my joints.

“Hello, Gran.”

Rian D'Masiv's melodious voice drowned my screams. My neck and back are hot; the signs of worldly calamity were about to explode.

“Where are you going?” Gran snapped, but his eyes glared at Saga.

“Uh, not going anywhere, really,” I replied quickly. “I just walked around here and accidentally met him.”

I smiled nervously. I wanted to give the code through the gaze so that Saga can match my lies, but failed to remember how his mind goes.

“Don't lie!”

I was shocked. Geez, it turns out to be Lie Detection from this old man to Dad. I decided to stay quiet while waiting for Gran to take me home.


“And you!” Gran's index finger surprisingly pierced Saga's chest with furious. “Stay away from Barbara!”

Saga looks annoyed. “Your family let her not—”


Saga's expression did not change. He remained upset. I can only stare at both of them in confusion. Gran seems to know Saga already.

“Mind your own business! Don't mind other people!” said Gran angry.

My heart cheered because his words were almost the same as mine a while ago. Its clear Saga is not fine. Gran just thought so.

Gran took my arm and we went home right away, faster than it should be. On the way, I could only keep quiet while watching the small forests across the road. Gran still looks angry.

In fact, I never really knew what made Gran and my parents that angry. What is wrong with Barbara and her freedom?

God damn it!

“I surrender, Gran,” I said softly.

Gran stopped the car at the curb, leaving the car alive.

“What do you mean?” Gran replied flatly. His eyes watched the motorbikes and cars going back and forth.

I gritted my teeth. “Mom and Dad never really gave me a good enough reason. I hope you can.”

“About what?” that flat voice again.

I wanted to scream loudly next to Gran's ear hole. Instead, I only answered between the gaps of the teeth I was still gritting. “About my freedom like other normal children. Why am I restricted? Am I a state prisoner or what?”

Gran let out a heavy sigh. He still won't look at me. My grandfather started, “You just can't go ou—”

“‘Just’? What do you mean by ‘just’?” I cut it spicy.

Gran squeezed the base of his nose as if he was tired. “Your parents have tried to grant all your wishes, Bara. Please respect their requests too.”

I am inflamed. I have been patient enough for a dozen years. I do not want to be a family prisoner any longer.

“Give me a LOGIC reason, Gran! Why does that have to be complicated?”

“Because that reason will only kill you!” Gran shouted. His eyes blazed with anger as he finally looked at me. “None of us wants you to die!”

I laugh like crazy. My eyes are starting to get wet. I stop laughing. “Limit me to a few more months, Gran, and I will die sooner.”

“Watch your words!” Gran snapped.

My tears melt. “People will still die someday!” I shouted. “Does watching over me every second make God cancel my death?”

“You will still die, Bara, but in a normal way,” Gran growled. “Not in a way… another way!”

I wiped my tears roughly. I laughed and snorted; know this conversation will not take us anywhere.

“Whatever you say, Gran, whatever. It's up to all of you.”

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