3. Wedding Night


My mind was reeling even after he pulled away, the kiss was not what one would say 'chaste' and neither was it passionate. It was rather cold and detached like my husband. 


Who would have thought?...

My eyes had shut on their own accord, I slowly opened them when I no longer felt the cold lips. I opened my eyes to the face that I would have to look at, every day, from this moment on. His eyes twinkled with amusement even though his lips did not reveal as much. 

Hr turned towards to face the others, I mimicked his action. He looked at my father and said, "Your debt has been paid. You and your elder daughter shall live the rest of your life comfortably. Bastian will show you your rooms for the night. Your meals will be served there". His tone held finality so much so that my father who always had the final say, did not even utter a sound. 

My eyes landed on Harmony who was dabbing the corner of her eyes with a handkerchief. My heart broke, it was she who was supposed to be in my place. Damian was supposed to make her his wife, not that it would give me any happiness. But this ...subjecting my sister to watch a wedding whose bride should have been her, felt wrong. 

I got down from the dais and went to her. I heard a gasp from somewhere but I did not care, all I could see now was my sister, whose usually gleaming orbs were filled with unshed tears. I engulfed her in an embrace, resting my chin atop her shoulder. She sniffed, "Congratulation", her voice quivered. "Mony", I whispered, my throat clogging up with emotion. 

"I reckon we all should retire for the day now", I heard Damian say from behind in his timbre voice. His tone did not betray anything. Harmony pulled away before Bastian, a tall lean man led them away to their rooms and I watched their retreating backs. Father did not even say a word to me, even though I was used to him being cold and indifferent towards me, it hurt. 

Soon the others also dispersed. I remained standing on the same spot. What now? my heartbeat quickened.

"Let us retire as well my lady", I heard him murmur, I was startled, when did he come so close? his breath fanned my ear. I swallowed, without turning to look at him I nodded. He let out a throaty chuckle sending shivers down my spine. 

He offered me his hand as he led me to his- our room. 

The corridors were well-lit, candles burning in every candle holder. A thick carpet was laid throughout the length of the corridor. His room was large but sparsely decorated. There was a huge bed, a dresser, a cupboard and a recliner. 

"Welcome to my humble abode", his tone held mirth. I turned to face him. At last, I could demand an answer, an explanation for his sudden change of mind.

"Why did you not wed my sister?" I asked without further ado. He raises his eyebrows, "Are you not happy that I married you in her stead?" He is goading you, my mind said warningly but his indifference, his whimsical nature irked me, "No! I am not! You hurt her feelings, you ruined her for any other protective proposal", did this person not realise? Harmony would become a good wife and mother no doubt. But after his lordship refused to marry her who would think of asking her hand for marriage again? They would always find a flaw in her, they always did. 

"My apologies but from now on that should not be your concern", he replied flippantly as he crossed the room and opened the cupboard, taking off his cravat. 

My jaw clenched, how could he be so harsh? 

"Yes, it is", I went up to him. 

He sighed, "My lady you will tire yourself if you become so riled up". This riled me up even more. But before I could open my mouth to protest, his cold fingers touched my cheek. All protests died on my lips as his gaze transfixed on my face, his onyx orbs seemed even more prominent against his pale complexion. The moonlight filtered inside the room. I could see a gentle smile on his lips, his eyes softened as he murmured in a honeyed voice, "How old are you, my dear?"

His fingers caressed my cheek before cupping it. "Eighteen summers", I whispered, my heart pounding. I was not ignorant about what transpired between a man and his newlywed wife on their wedding night. But still, my heart pounded at the mere thought of...

I was jolted out of my spiralling thoughts by a low chuckle, I glanced at Damian, he seemed amused. Rubbing his thumb against my cheek he said, "Relax my lady, I am not going to debauch you tonight. Not yet at least", and grinned roguishly. I shuddered. He will not ...take me to bed. I felt relieved.

"Are you...will you?" I tried to ask the next question that was swirling in my mind form the time he made me drink blood!

"Drink your blood?" he completed and then shook his head, the grin ever-present on his pale lips, "No. Not yet". My brows furrowed in confusion. His hand dropped from, I instantly felt the loss which made me annoyed with myself. 

"Don't worry that pretty head of yours darling", his endearment did something to me. I averted my gaze. Myra, remember, he married you because your father could not pay his debts, you are a replacement of your sister. Don't feel anything for him, my mind warned. 

"Where shall I sleep then?"  I mumbled.

"Why, on that bed", he replied promptly. 

Before I could ask where he shall sleep, he beat me to it. While taking off his overcoat which was a beautiful one I must say, he said, "I shall spend tonight in the library. I do not need sleep as much as you do", he turned to me and smiled. 

His smile was so gentle, yet people called him cold and unfeeling? Maybe he wasn't or was he? And this smile was just a pretence. "Someone will attend to you soon", he informed. I merely nodded to his offer. 

Only after I heard the door shut did I release a breath I did not know I was holding. 

The vast room suddenly seemed more vast, more silent. I sighed and began to take off the pins attached to my veil.

After a few moments, I heard a knock. I asked them to enter. An elderly lady entered the room with a tray filled with what appeared to be food. I realized I was had not eaten since the evening. 

She placed it on the dresser and started helping me in taking off my wedding attire. She opened the cupboard and took out a nightgown. The fabric was soft like a feather. After changing and eating, she left. I did not even get to know her name. 

As I settled into the bed, the bedsheet and blankets seemed foreign to my skin. Sleep evaded me. I stared blankly at the ceiling, witnessing the play of light and shadow. 

Damian never gave me an answer. I will find out. I surely will.

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Bella Jersey
What did the drinking of the blood do to her? I love how she had her sister’s back. I don’t care what kinda of effect he has on her. If he doesn’t fix her sister’s situation. Then him and the library are gonna become very good friends

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