Alpha Creed

Alpha Creed

By:  J. Tarr  Completed
Language: English
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Alpha Kai's Son. My father's shadow still dominates the BloodCrest Pack I'm trying to lead; even becoming Alpha didn't change a damn thing. So I take my anger out on any poor bastard put in the steel ring with me. It calms me, but only for a few hours; because blood-red rage follows me everywhere I go. It follows me into the cage the night I'm pitted against an opponent half my size. An opponent with a bigger chest than your average gym buff. A woman... I think I'm doing the right thing by refusing the fight because I know this woman will meet Death at my hands. That is, until my wolf growls the word I never expected to hear in the middle of a fight. MATE. With a name as sweet as her scent and a right hook to match, I know I can't accept Cherie as my mate. Not with the beast I inherited from my tainted bloodline - a Lycan with a thirst for blood… So do I reject sweet Cherie to protect her, or do I indulge in the whims of my beast and claim her? * Cherie I didn't expect to meet my mate when I decided to step into that ring that night. But the second my wolf recognized its mate, I knew it wouldn't be over. Creed Volkov is every bit as terrifying as they say, but I won't allow myself to be bullied by another man. I've come here to win; I NEED to win in order to protect those close to me. Running away from Creed seems like the logical choice, I find myself in that ring with him again. Why can't I bring myself to say the Rejection Vow? And why am I suddenly having dreams about a red-haired woman?

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67 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Cherie
The sound of falling anchor chains doesn’t send a shiver of fear through my body anymore, neither does the sting of the cattle prod or the sliding of that barrel bolt lock on my cage.“One slip-up and Marie will take your place.”“Fail tonight; Eva looks strong enough to take over from you.”They figured out that using my sisters' lives works better than violence, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop the whippings or physical torture. What makes it even worse is that these are the people who should be taking care of us, the ones who should love us unconditionally. They chose us to fill the void of not having their own children.I mean, it used to be like that until I accidentally shifted the night I got my wolf. They saw the damage I did to their cattle and decided I owed them… I was only eight years old and forced to fight in illegal dog fights.Yeah, you read that right. And while my wolf is stronger than any pit bull, it didn’t mean I would come away unscathed. My body is littered wi
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Chapter 2 - Creed
The flames lick the side of the funeral shroud, igniting the cedar twigs and leaves and sending the scent of fresh Spring rain into the Autumn air.The familiar scent I’ve known since birth - my mother’s scent.I’ve done nothing but stare at the white shroud since my father brought her body onto the pyre, I’ve felt nothing since her passing three days ago. Just a deep void of nothing, a chasm of numbness as the realization sets in deep.This woman was my peace, she was my rock and the glue which held the pack together. I wanted to become a better man and Alpha for her, but now that will never happen. She’ll never watch me meet my mate, she’ll never see how her spirit will live on in my heirs.I wanted to make her proud of me, I wanted to feel that pride radiating from her. Now all I feel coming from her is the heat of the funeral pyre.This body is nothing but an empty vessel now, I know this. Her spirit has ascended since she was the reincarnation of the Moon Goddess and others need
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Chapter 3 - Creed
My knuckles are bloody, but I continue to hit the punching bag in front of me. The sting of the wolfsbane-laced fabric always serves to make me hit harder; I need to be stronger than the pain. I need to get used to it so it can no longer hurt me. “Creed,” I hear my cousin, Luka, calling behind me. He’s my closest friend right now as well as my Beta and Brigadier, but lately, I’ve been pulling away from him and everyone else around me. What I like about Luka is the fact that he doesn’t pry, but when you eventually open up then he’s a good shoulder. “I haven’t seen you here in ages,” I say as he walks up to fist-bump me. He shakes his head. “I hardly ever see you lately and I’m supposed to be your second in command,” he says while trying to sound nonchalant. “So I thought I should rather come to you and see what’s up.” I shrug. “It’s been three weeks, and the pack is still in mourning at the loss of their Luna,” I say when I see him wrapping his fists as well. “Did Viktor send yo
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Chapter 4 - Cherie
My heart feels like a barbed wire has strangled it to the point of being unable to breathe. It’s the night of the fight and it feels like it will be my last night alive.I still don’t understand who okayed this fight because it doesn’t make sense at all. I am 5'6 and weigh 145 pounds while Creed is 6’4 and 240 pounds of raw muscle. He’s a fucking heavyweight and by all counts, this fight should be illegal! I’m a pipsqueak compared to him, a featherweight for God’s sake; I am going to die at his hands!But I couldn’t say a damn thing to my mother because I know she had something to do with this. Not only that, but she forbade me from going to the gym to fight, instead she kept me locked up in our home gym to train.The director of the fight committee and owner of this gym is Creed’s Delta and known to be heartless when it comes to placing fights. But that isn’t even what hurts me the most…it hurts knowing that even if I die, my family will get one million from my death. That’s the mos
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Chapter 5 - Creed
My father has let us know he’s not coming back anytime soon, if at all. The worst part? He told Viktor to tell me, he didn’t even bother to tell me this himself. Just like that, he won’t even come home and he won’t tell us why. I’m starting to think it’s because of me, but then again, he never rejected the pack./“He will soon,”/ Haze chuckles. /“Alpha Kai is a coward without his Luna.”//“Shut the fuck up!”/ I growl, not understanding why I’m defending my father right now when he’s clearly running away. /“My father is no coward.”/I know what Haze is doing and I am powerless to do anything about it. He takes advantage when I am angry and I am helpless to stop him…just like now.The second I walk the path to the octagon, my self-control slips and Haze takes over. I don’t even know who I’m fighting, all I know is that I need to feel this person’s blood on my fists, his bones crushing beneath my grip, and listen as his last breath is taken.I never let Haze lead in my fights anymore, bu
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Chapter 6 - Cherie
I’m used to this. I’m used to this. I’m used to this.No matter how many times the whip lands on my back, that little voice tells me I am not used to this. I will never get used to being strung up in silver chains and whipped within an inch of my life with my mother screaming about how useless I am.“All you had to do was DIE!” she screams, landing another lash. “Just lay down and die like a good little bitch, but no! You just had to fight back!”“It’s…what you trained me for…” comes out of my mouth before I can blink and this time a silver bar lands across my ribs, cracking them.I cry out at the viciousness of the blow and she laughs as if she finds some sick joy in this abuse. Then again, it’s definitely not an ‘if’ because she does find pleasure in inflicting pain. I think it’s the biggest reason my father is terrified of her.“How did you do it?” whip. “Tell me how you won against a beast like Creed Volkov!”But I can’t bring myself to say the words. I can’t tell her that my wolf
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Chapter 7 - Creed
“Why am I here, Pappa?” I ask for the thousandth time as we walk through the forests of the Taiga. When I saw my father in the mansion after my fight with Cherie, he didn’t have much to say. Only that I need to follow him because it’s a matter of life and death and it includes my Lycan. He’s been cryptic about it ever since, and from the way he looks now, you would have sworn my father has gone off the rails.His hair is completely silver now, as well as his beard and his blue eyes which used to sparkle with purpose, are now dimmed with what I can only assume is madness. It seems like my father has completely lost it after my mother’s passing.Responding to my question with a grunt, he continues further and I can do nothing but sigh and follow him. “We’re almost there, then I will explain everything,” he says again.Gritting my teeth, I push forward because even if my father has lost his mind, I trust him with my heart. He felt comfortable enough to come to me and seek me out this ti
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Chapter 8 - Cherie
Rebecca dragged me towards the gym cafeteria and now I’m sitting in front of her not knowing what to believe.“Wait…so you’re a-” she nods because I can’t believe I was about to say the word. “And he held an auction that sold off your kind?”She nods with a pissed-off look on her face. “Last Spring. He didn’t care what he had done, either! No matter how many times I have tried to arrange a meeting with him, he blatantly ignores me!” Woah, okay I know the Volkov family is part of the Russian Mafia but I didn’t know they dealt in the slave trade. “Does Creed know about this? Is he aware that his cousin is selling off supernatural creatures?”She looks at me as if I’ve lost my mind. “You’re aware of Creed’s position in their pack, right? He’s the goshdarn Alpha, nothing happens without his say-so!” she exclaims, then lowers her voice and moves closer to me. “Sorry about that, just talking about it gets my back up.”I reach out and touch her arm while managing a sympathetic smile. “I’m s
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Chapter 9 - Cherie
“So, I wouldn’t have thought a fairy- whoops, a Seelie Princess would become an MMA fighter. What led you here?” I ask Rebecca while she spots me on the bench press. She shrugs. “It seemed like the logical choice since this is where Sage works from, but now it’s become more of an addiction,” she says with a grin. “You know what I mean.”I do. As much as I hate doing this for my mother, I love being in here training my body. Getting stronger physically seems to hide the fact that I am not strong emotionally. Wolf shifters are naturally strong, but I don’t want to rely on Zhen and what she can do for me. Doing it on my own feels better.Except for the other night…A shiver runs up my spine and Rebecca’s eyes widen when I nearly drop the bar on my chest, but she’s not the one who catches it.Bergamot and vanilla send my head in a tailspin and I don’t realize just who exactly is holding the bar until I look up…straight into a pair of amused blue eyes. My breath hitches in my throat when
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Chapter 10 - Creed
Pretending Cherie doesn’t affect me is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. For one, my eyes always seem to find her when we’re in the gym at the same time, and how could I not look at her? And it’s not even her obvious beauty that drew me in, it's her eyes; those eyes knock the air out of my lungs whenever she looks at me.I only marked her with my scent the other day to prove a point, and the way she nearly lashed out at me had my dick hardening. Then the Seelie girl pulled her away and I could literally see her growling at me. Gods, she’s even more gorgeous when she looks bloodthirsty; how is that even possible? It feels like I’m crushing on my own mate. What the fuck?I’m in the separate weight rooms housing the punching bags when I see her bounding towards me with wide eyes. Holding the bag after I had punched it, I raised a questioning eyebrow at her red face.“What is this?!” she asks, holding up a piece of paper. “Is this a pity pay-off?”I narrow my eyes at the p
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