Chapter 55: Unexpected Visitor

"Ate! Ate! Mommy! Ate Farrah is here!" The little girl yelled as she pointed her index finger at me. She walked closer and stretched her arms upwards until it reached my waist, indirectly telling me to carry her through actions.

I furrowed my brows.

"Ate! Can you please carry me? I want to hug you," she whined. Her lips protruding, and her pigtailed hair hanging at her shoulders down to her chest. Her face is a bit dirty, and so as her clothes.

She's wearing a baby pink flowy dress and a pair of pink shoes, pink earrings, and pink ribbon ponytails. I sighed.

The woman behind her walk towards her and tries to pull her away from me but she hugged my waist.

"No, I just saw my Ate. She doesn't visit me anymore, I don't want to go away!"

Fierra, my five-year-old sister is still hugging my waist tightly. I held her shoulders and tries to gently pull her away from me but she only shook her head until I felt her shoulders shake.

I felt a pang in my

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