Chapter 85: Batanes

Since that day, I forced myself to be more understanding. I don't remember myself as someone who gets jealous easily and I don't give harsh kisses to Farrah. That was not the love that I know, and I will never let myself continue doing that shit for years.

I worked so hard from day and night to finish all my works ahead of time, I want to to make it up to her. I know I was never a good husband for weeks and that she doesn't like me. But I can still try. I waited for seven long years and I got no plans on losing my chance again. She was already tied to me, a wrong thing that I did. I took advantage of her problems and forced her to marry me just because I am greedy for her love, but it doesn't mean that it would forever be like that.

I am determined to make her fall in love with me, that's why I made everything to make my schedule clear. I also did her works in Pacifica without her knowing. I have been studying what is inside their company for two years and now, it gave

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