The Million Dollar Marriage Deal
The Million Dollar Marriage Deal
Author: Calliope Hidalgo

The Million Dollar Marriage Deal: Prologue

I crumpled the paper and harshly throw it in the trash bin beside my table. The fuck is wrong with the old hag and he had the guts to leave a big loan in my hands?!

"Ma'am, what should I tell them?" My secretary's eyes were glued on her shoes, averting my sharp gaze. 

My head is currently in turmoil. I thought the only problem that we are facing right now is that tragedy, but how come a big loan will resurface at a very dark moment of my life?!

My upper lip moved as I sarcastically smirked in the air. My hands flew from my wooden table to my forehead and touched it like I am wiping my sweat. 

And again, the papers in front of me caught my attention. Some are letters about the employee's late salaries, complaints about the service, and some, requests for meetings. I sighed and hardly hit the table. Mayi, my secretary jumped in shock and glanced at me with fear in her eyes. 

"Cancel all my schedules for today and let me rest. Tell them I'm sick and will attend to them when I feel fine," I eyed her with my serious look and signed her to go out of my office. 

I turned my swivel chair around and faced the glass wall. Here you can see the tallest buildings and clouds. When you look down, cars will look like toys run by remote controls for they are so small. 

"Mayi!" I called when I thought of something which can somehow make my mood lighter. "Bring me some wine!" I yelled when the door opened. 

"Yes Ma'am," 

Days had been so rough for me, and I couldn't stand the stress I am currently facing. I didn't know how it happened, or when did it start, but the last time I checked, I'm busy partying and burning money. 

Party, and booze. My wings are always busy flying while flaunting how free I am. And then suddenly, I woke up having these whole bunch of craps. 

Farrah Evans, the Pacifica Airlines heiress runs out of money. I never dreamt of flying with my big, strong wings while being chased with the flying loansharks! 

As soon as Mayi came and give me the wine I am asking, I busied myself in thinking of how I would be able to pay for the loans without giving up the company. 

I pulled the wine up and saw the price at the bottom. 

Four hundred dollars for a fucking bottle of wine?! It doesn't even taste great! I should have asked for soju instead! That tastes better! 

I grunted. I put the bottle down the table and stood up. I placed both of my hands at the sides of my waist and paced back and forth, trying to search for the answer to my problems. 

I bit my lips and forcibly kicked my swivel chair, releasing all the anger that is building up in my whole system. 

"I hate being poor!" I yelled and flinched when I felt a pain in my right foot. "Why is life getting harder each day?!" 

I reached for my Hermes bag and searched for my phone. Right, should I sell all my bags? One bag costs a million. I counted my bags in my head and included some of my unused shoes but eventually shook my head. 

That won't work! It can only pay for the delayed salaries and some small loans even if I sell all of them! I opened my phone and called Vanessa. 

"What's up, CEO?" She teasingly said behind the line. Her voice is a bit loud and the background is noisy, like the sound of a hairdryer. 

"Can you turn the phone off for a moment?" My lips twitch as I moved the phone away from me. 

"What do you need, girl? A million? Sorry but the line i-i-s tu-toot—" 

"Stop it with your acts, Van. I won't make a loan, I'm not that poor yet!" I yelled, but when I remembered how my company is doing, I sighed. 

"You have an appointment for today?" I asked and sat in my swivel chair. The sun is already setting and no matter how I want to admire it, all the things that I am going through make everything ugly. 

"Nothing, I mean, yes, I'm going to party." 

"Party? Can I go?" I looked heavenward while moving the chair from side-to-side, thinking of when did the last time I go clubbing and have fun. 

"I thought you're busy? Anyway, you can. Am I going to fetch you or nah?" 

"No, just text me the details. I'll be there," I uttered in a low voice and started to fix my things. 

The upbeat music dominated my sense of hearing the moment I stepped inside the bar. The dancefloor is now crowded and noisy even if it's still 9 pm. I squeezed myself to the see of people before I found Van's hand waving in a couch. 

"You look dazzling, girl!" She laughed as she kissed my cheek and roam her eyes in my body. 

"You look expensive for a girl running out of money," she blurted and spit out another speck of laughter before offering a seat. 

"I don't have money anymore, why would I let people know that I'm poor as a rat already? At least dress according to the place you're going, Van." I rolled my eyes and reaches for the bottle of whiskey in the center table. 

"Why, I thought the company can still survive?" She asks and gave me a shot glass. I poured all my attention at the glass of whiskey and drank it before shotting Vanessa a glance. 

"It could, only if my Dad didn't leave me several loans." I sighed and pour another glass. 

"What are your plans, then? Do you want me to invest in your company?" My eyes shifted to Vanessa's concerned face. 

"You don't have to, a failing business is not the one you should give a chance. You'll just waste your money," I uttered. "Maybe I could announce bankruptcy and give all the employees their last salaries after I settled it with the bored?" I unsurely added and heaved another sigh. 

"What do you think?" I tilted my head and waited for her answer. 

"Have you tried decreasing the number of employees? Pacifica can still survive if only you would want it," 

"I want to, but do I have the money?" I smiled. "I don't," I added and shot another glass. 

"If only I can have at least one million dollars then I can sell all my properties and bags, decrease my staffs and start over again then—" 

"What the fuck, Farrah! You can have a million dollars if you want to!" Vanessa's eyes widened as she started to shake my shoulders continuously. 

I stared at her weirdly and slapped her arms away from my shoulders. "You still don't change, you've got no poise." I rolled my eyes. 

"It's real! You could have a million dollars!" She insisted. I wrinkled my nose and licked my lips. 

"Through what? Getting married to an old man who can die easily? I laughed and shook my head. Vanessa's forehead creased. 

"Of course not!" Her eyes darted at the table in front of us and pointed someone using her lips. 

"You'll get the money through that man," she said. 

My eyes followed her gaze. My lips parted as I glanced at the man I tried to forget years ago. I stared at Vanessa with disbelief. 

"Are you sure this would work?" I asked as I unlocked my seatbelts. I glanced at the rearview mirror and puckered my lips. 

"Just tell him your objective, girl. You just need to make him refuse with the marriage, show him your written deal and you'll get the money!" Vanessa clapped her hands as she smiled widely. 

"I'm so bright, right?" She put all her hair on the other side of her shoulders and grinned. "No need to thank me, jump out of my car and talk to him!" She said and pushed my shoulder. 

I hesitantly opened the passenger door and strutted the way to the tall building with a huge name in bold letters, it says, "Saldivar Group of Companies" 

My heart started to hammer as I entered the lobby. Some workers in corporate attire are roaming around the floor with a lot of papers in hand but I didn't bother to smile at them and faced the receptionist. 

"Hi, I need to meet your boss. I mean, Mr. Uno Saldivar, what is his floor?" I politely asked and gave her a warm smile. She reciprocated it and put her ballpen down. 

"It's on the top floor, Ma'am. It's the only office you can find, you can ask his secretary. Do you have an appointment?" She gently asked. I only nodded and bid my goodbye before walking towards the elevator. 

Appointment my ass. Farrah Evans doesn't need that. 

"Hi! Is Uno Saldivar inside?" I asked when I met a girl in a white polo and black pencil cut skirt. Probably his secretary. The girl scanned me from head to foot and smiled. 

"Yes, Ma'am. Can I ask if you have an appointment? What's your name?" She said and picked a folder up and scanned it. I cleared my throat and smiled proudly. 

"I'm Uno's old friend, I think I don't need an appointment. You can just tell him my name and—" 

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. It's in my protocol, if you want to meet him, you need an appointment. My boss is a busy man." She apologetically smiled and faced her computer. 

I scoffed and crossed my arms. 

"I have a very important thing to talk with him! It's urgent!" I loudly said as I put the folder up, trying to convince her. 

"Sorry, Ma'am. Come back here with an appointment," 

"I said I need to talk to your boss! Let me in!" I yelled, losing all the patience that I have. My blood started to boil and was about to lash again when a man opened the door. 

My face lit up and started to walk towards him. 

"Uno!" I smiled. The secretary stood up in a haste and tried to stop me from coming near Uno. 

"I told her I want to talk to you but she won't let me in! I said I am your friend but she doesn't—"

"Why are you here, Evans?" Uno's baritone voice stopped me from whining. He glanced at the secretary and nodded before pulling me inside the room but before he can close the door, I triumphantly smiled at the secretary and arched my brow. 

Uno sat on his swivel chair and loosened his tie. My eyes wandered at the minimalist styled office of his before I cleared my throat. 

"Why are you here?" He repeated. I took some steps forward until I could sit on the chair in front of his black wooden table. 

Uno's hair is neat, far from his messy hair way back when he's still...uh, let's just love with me? Yeah. Something like that. 

His eyes were deep and black, his nose narrow, pink thin lips, and strong angled jaw. His white long sleeve polo hugged his body. He was now leaner than what I could remember years ago and he looks so attractive! 

What the hell? 

I swallowed hard and plastered a smile on my face before putting the white folder on top of his table. 

"I'm here to remind you of our million-dollar marriage deal."

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The writing in this book is skilled and captivating! I can't wait to read more!

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