Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Betrayal!

Third Person's Perspective

"No! Mom! Dad! Please!" Cassy was gasping for air and cried when she dreamt of her parent's deaths again. She was sweating a lot like she was just running through a fire.

She breathed in and out, and smiled, "good morning, honey," she said to her belly. She was careful and stood up slowly. It was just

Cassy tried to forget what happened last night, and also she didn't have a plan to tell about it to Zon. She just wanted them to fix everything, to turn their relationship back to what it was before.

She peeked outside the door, she knew it was daylight, but she was scared of what else could Drake possibly do! She went to the building where they were last night and got her car before going to Zon's place. Every time that she saw a family, or a woman carrying her baby around her arms on the roads or streets, she was imagining that it was her, and Zon.

She couldn't stop smiling, and she was excited to see what was Zon's reaction but just l
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