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Simple things have become more difficult for me to do.

Showering takes longer now and I am out of breath by the time I am done washing my hair. Even brushing my hair takes everything out of me.

I dare not tell Dimitri how bad the recent cancer treatment has got me, he would surely strangle the newest doctor. Or keep me home.

I remember the time I left Dr. Martin’s after she told me it was not cancer they discovered in my mammogram. I felt elated that after a few treatments the growths would have been all but gone and I could move on with my life. But fate did not mean it to be. After Dr Martin removed the growths, the cancer cells spread sporadically; it was as if the growth prevented the cancer cells from growing.

I have not heard from Dr. Martin since the cancer was first discovered; I think Dimitri had her killed, but I dare not ask him.

I look at myself as I stand naked in my walk-in and sigh. After my do

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