Chapter Forty Four


To be honest, I got furious when I heard what Enyinnaya said to Iris. It hurt that the one person she was bold enough to tell her feelings could not appreciate her for it let's alone reciprocate it. My reactions to the situation wasn't called for but I had acted out of impulse and I most certainly will not start regretting it now.

I watch as Iris tries her best to hold back her tears. To say I'm not surprised by her actions, would be a deliberate lie.

I settle down beside her, take her both hands in mine and gently squeeze them.

"You know you don't have to cry over that jerk, right?"

She nods.

"I really didn't want to let my feelings go this far, but somehow it did and every time I see my stomach, I am reminded of him. It's bad enough that I am in love with someone who can never love me back, but what is worse is that I am carrying his child."

"So you don't plan to take out the baby anymore?" I am silently praying for her to say ye

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