By:  Joy Naya  Ongoing
Language: English
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He moves closer to me, dangerously close and pins my both hands with one of his. My body wanted his, this time there was no denying it. "What do you say Miss Iris?" His husky voice questions"what we have is just chemistry." I object"So?" His lips is on my nose as he asks that."I have a boyfriend." I object again.This time it's like I am trying to remind my body that it has an owner, and that owner isn't the man standing before me, but my treacherous body wouldn't listen."Break up with him." "But...." My last objection was cut short as his lips ruthlessly descended on mine cutting off every last bit of sanity, I may have had in me. His kiss seemed to say 'forget everything else' and that was exactly what I did. What Iris Adelana wanted was just a signature from Mr Enyinnaya Amadi to give her legal rights as her father's successor, but Mr Enyinnaya wants something else; A weekend in Dubai, and that is what he gets. However, one weekend seems to be insufficient and Enyinnaya is requesting for more. Will the fierce and stubborn Iris give in to his desire? especially now that she has his signature and her father's wealth.

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I really enjoy the story so far <3 I can't wait to see how the story will unfold!! X) I was wondering if you have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-06-30 12:27:08
user avatar
Lisa Lever-Jenkins
Great read from beginning to end. Loved it
2021-01-23 23:13:25
user avatar
Lisa Lever-Jenkins
Loved this book
2020-12-03 23:23:43
user avatar
Godly Women
Just getting interesting
2020-11-10 09:30:53
user avatar
Vanessa Cosby-Collins
I find the book interesting but some hard to follow because of the non English language.
2021-07-01 05:57:13
user avatar
Godly Women
Why is it taking so long to bake
2020-11-13 07:27:04
user avatar
Florence Mokwena
slow developments but a nice story.
2020-08-11 04:43:37
48 Chapters
PROLOGUE IRIS   I had the excitement of a child whose mother just returned from a long travel, the reason behind it wasn't far fetched: I was finally going to be a young billionaire without struggles unless, off course  getting Mr Amadi's signature was considered one.  "Nelly" I called out to my personal assistant"Yes ma"" You are sure he said he wanted to meet with me in person?""yes ma.""And that is the only condition he gave for signing?" I further queried, grinning from ear to ear."That is all he requested, he read the contract and found it too appealing to resist. I'm certain meeting you is just a formality, perhaps he wants to know Nigeria's youngest female billionaire.""You are right, I mean, who wouldn't want to know me." I could just imagine how well planned my life was. A signature from Mr Amadi, a sealed contract worth billions, paparazzi trying to capture my
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Chapter one
ENYINNAYA She looked exactly as I remembered; tall, dark skinned with legs that seemed endless. I watched as she confidently strode to where I sat, elegance oozing from everything she wore. What completely enraptured me though was her lips that was painted a bright red colour, I remembered vividly how my lips felt on hers and for a brief moment, my groins ached. Iris. In just one night she had her being imprinted in my mind. "Mr Enyinnaya Amadi?" She asked as she got to where I sat."Yes. Please do sit down." I replied"Nice restaurant this hotel has" she said after a quick appraisal of the restaurant."Yeah, really nice, and I can assure you, the rooms are even better." I replied with a knowing wink hoping she caught the meaning behind my response.She smiled showing her perfect set of teeth, catching me off guard. She was beyond beautiful and I was glad I was the reason behind her s
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Chapter Two
ENYINNAYATen minutes; ten minutes was all it took before she returned through the same door she walked out from. I couldn't help the smile that palmed my face. Iris, she was a spitfire, a fierce, stubborn and achingly arrogant princess, a very though one at that, but somehow, she knew when to bend to a tougher wind. After our night together she had left a kind void no other woman had been able to fill,  engaging me in a rigorous task of searching for a certain lady called Iris that had proved futile, but then fate had brought her back to me through a business contract and I wasn't just going to let her go. "You are back, didn't expect you to return so soon" I said as she came to stand before me.She snorted in an unladylike manner, pulled out the chair she had sat on before and dropped her bag before taking another to sit on."The smile on your arrogant face says the exact opposite, so don't you try to make me your object of jest.""Rea
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Chapter Three
IRISFury couldn't begin to express how I felt. I knew what I needed at that moment was a bottle of cold whiskey to calm my rattled nerves. Enyinnaya Amadi had chosen the wrong person to make his nemesis. The walk from his restaurant to my car was the longest walk I had ever taken or so it seemed, it was supposed to take not more than two minutes to get to my car, but at that moment two minutes seemed like two decades. "Ma'am did you get the recording?" Nelly asked with much enthusiasm as soon as I got into the car.How could I bash the poor girls pride by telling her that her super smart plot to trap Mr Amadi was ruined by someone seemingly smarter, but then again, there was just no other option so I decided to just out with it."It didn't work, apparently he had a crisis management plan in the form of a person called Swift." Her brows knitted in utter confusion."I don't understand what you mean by that ma."  She said, but
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Chapter Four
Iris The beep coming from my phone woke me up, and I couldn't help but hiss when I saw the caller ID; Alyssa, why would she be calling this early I briefly wondered before remembering that I am supposed to be madam C.E.O had yesterday's meeting been a successful one. Her call would definitely be to find out how the meeting had gone and perhaps congratulate me for that, what a pity though, there would be no need for a congratulatory message as there was absolutely nothing to celebrate."Good morning" I greeted in response to hers after picking the call"Oya, give me the gist. How did it go? Are you now madam C.E.O? Is he good looking? Well, was the meeting stressful?" She bombarded me with questions and I was not surprised. Alyssa was a natural born gist lover and that was the one of the few habits she never outgrew. "Madam, so which one of your questions should I answer first?" I asked in return."Anyway joor, just give me the full gist
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Chapter Five
IRIS"Hey Mami" The caller said. A deep frown graced my face, I didn't need any priest to tell me the caller was; Enyinnaya Amadi. A nice way to ruin my already not so good morning. I wasn't going to ask how he got my private number cause that would be akin to asking the devil how he possessed humans."What do you want?" I asked, still with an angry voice."We both know what I want, right Mami?" He teased."See, Mr Amadi or whatever, it's too early in the morning for games, so if you are not going to say anything reasonable, I will suggest you get off my phone. Some of us have to work to keep living."*Come on Mami. Why are you being so cranky this early in the morning, huh?" What the heck! He had nerves acting like he didn't know he was the reason I was being cranky so early in the morning. At that point, my patience became exhausted and I was about to cut his call when he continued."I need to see you today. Meet me same place
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Chapter six
MR NARRATORAnyone describing Mr Enyinnaya Amadi as a black god of beauty wouldn't be so far fetched from the truth, except this god was a mortal being with an undeniable crave for women so one could also add the fact that he was also a sex god.  Two ladies quietly walked into the classy restaurant, except the synchronous sound coming from their six inches stilleto heels was considered as noise. One of the lady, a tall, curvy and light skinned charmer, was dressed in a yellow skin tight dress that ended a little above the knee. Her hair extensions was packed up in a ponytail and she had a light make up done on her attractive oval face. Though an utter beauty, she wasn't the reason the guy seated at the far end of the restaurant kept an unwavered gaze. The other lady beside her who seemed more like a boss lady was responsible.Boss lady was a tall, lanky and dark skinned beauty. She was dressed in a white two piece designers jumpsuit that
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Chapter Seven
IRIS "What's wrong with you Iris Adelana?" I asked myself quietly, immediately I found myself in my bedroom. I placed my right hand over my chest as if to check my heart beat. I knew if I was a light skinned person my cheeks would be pink from a blush.How did it even happen? How could a random question that was not even romantic in the least bit affect me this way?Think straight Iris; you are an Adelana and the Adelanas are not easily given to emotional attachments. I chided myself.It was quite evident that Enyinnaya was only sexually attracted to me, and that being the case any further emotional attachments by me would only be dangerous for me. I stood up to get a glass of cold water. Whiskey was a no go area for me, as I needed my sanity to think and whiskey would take every little bit of sanity left in me.  I laid on the cold floor as everywhere suddenly felt too hot even as the air conditioner was turned on. You
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Chapter Eight
Two weeks laterIris"So what do you think of this executive suite?" Enyinnaya questioned the moment we got into our hotel suite in Dubai."You should know that I am yet to check it out, so what's the rush for?" I questioned rudely, trying my best to squash the pride born out of his choice of hotel.  The suite was a large one befitting royals. It featured a large sitting room with a flat screen TV, a four sitter dining table, sliding wooden doors and a large work desk. The bedroom was a quite an eye catcher too, featuring a Walk in closet, a powder room, and a king sized bed. I smiled when I saw the bed, it was large enough to accommodate four people of my size, at least I was confident that I didn't have to be afraid that I might have skin contact with Enyinnaya. The bathroom also had it's attraction, in short the hotel would pass as a 6 star hotel to me. Nice choice Enyinnaya, really nice. I thought, but I wasn't going to tell hi
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Chapter Nine
ENYINNAYA"How long has it been since you have been staring at me, Mr Amadi?" She questioned stirring up slowly from the bed. Was I supposed to say ten minutes or thereabout?  I checked my wristwatch, it had really been about ten minutes but, I wasn't going to let her know that."For sometime now. You look peacefully beautiful when you sleep and it was quite enthralling to watch you sleep. Hope you enjoyed your sleep as much as I did mine?""Well, I can say I did.""That's good to hear then. You should have your bath and get dressed, I don't plan to remain within this room all day neither do I plan to let you do that.""You said you have a meeting with a partner this morning, I hope you don't expect me to be your weekend turned personal assistant, because, I am not planning to go on any business meeting with you."I laughed hard. She was ever so ready to act stubborn, but she soon will realize that she had no reason to. "Ma
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