Chapter 1: Kiss

I've always thought that maybe I can also find solace watching the sky. It always felt different, I can't quite imagine getting along with it. It's so unreachable, and I know someday we could reach it. I can reach it.

I tried to take Alforo's gaze away from me. Watching his eyes darting at me made me startled. His eyes always said something, but I could not read. Something in his soulful eyes sent chills on me. Every time.

I watched my friend criticize a few similarities. It was the talk of the town. Well, for Klaud that is not new. But for many it was.

"They’re both handsome!" Demi smirked playfully.

I smiled but as usual, it's not genuine I never used to be like this, but whenever I heard Alforo's name a thicker wall was slightly caressing my mind. There seems to be something wrong, and I don’t know what. I was so unsure. I just chose to keep quiet while watching Demi.

Watching in awe, I find Alforo eyes on me. 

"Let's go?" Demi muttered.

She grinned and drifted her eyes on Alforo. One glanced at her, I knew I could not force her. And what made me sure, is her reaction.

"Later! Won't you watch the try-out?!" she giggled.

I shook my head.

"Are you sure? That's Klaud! Waiting!" she said.

My lips parted there. And when I saw Klaud gaze on me, I know there's a reason I should watch this year try-out. Demi winked at me, as I feel how comfortable I am being near to Klaud.

"Hi..." my voice was small.

I saw Klaud's smile on me, finally getting closer. He smirked boyishly and held the drink and towel for me. I immediately picked it up and smiled back. Somehow my stomach churned when my eyes lingered to the other side.

I cleared my throat and pretend that it's fine.

"Cheer me, Riani!" Klaud wink.

My heart pounded heavily. I could hear the screams of some who heard it. My face heated for the same reason. Somehow it made me ease.

"Just a swift kiss!" Demi teased us.

My eyes narrowed at what I heard. I also immediately recovered to see Klaud's playful smile. He's my boyfriend, my first kiss, and maybe not that bad. It’s an act of a girlfriend and that is natural.

I sighed. I stepped a little and reach him. I'm tall but Klaud was above average. Klaud smiled when I gave him a peck on his cheek.

His manly scent stung my nose. I was alarmed there when his hand caught my waist. He whispered something that made the crowd wilder.

"I want to kiss you..." he whispered.

I pushed him while laughing. That's when I thought I could simply divert my attention to Klaud, but when Alforo laid his eyes on me, the anxious on my system roared.

His stare sent shivers down my spine. My gaze hit the arch of his lip when he saw my gaze linger. The image of him smiling was like a horror to me. It was filled with so much resentment that night. Eventually, I could not bear to stare longer,

Maybe that was just a nightmare. But there's something on it. His eyes were telling me someone, every time I watched him I was always hanging in the air, and I did not know why.

"Alforo," someone said.

I did not look back. It's a big success for Klaud and their victory was written on their smiles. I approached, Klaud. Gradually the fear disappeared from any thought.

My hand touched his neck. He was shocked there but immediately recovered. He's on a smile while licking his lips.

"Congrats!" I said enthusiastically.

I shook my head, he was staring at my lips. I pursed a smile and followed a smacking kiss on his lips. Everyone shouted, and it was even more subdued.

"Your luck, Klaud!" Demi yell.

"Yes, that's even better ah!" his companions shouted.

He shook as his hand clung to my waist. It was after class, and everyone agreed to have a little party. My head tilted a bit, laughing and mixing with others.

Klaud left me in the middle of the bullying. I nodded and smiled at his friends playfully. I used to always do that. If I hadn't just damp my gaze on Alforo, I wouldn't have lost the smile on my face.

I tried to push myself for a genuine smile but it didn't come.

My reaction was mixed. Looking for the right word, but trying to crawl. And that only made sense! I don't even have a memory having lost for words. Just now and with him! I sighed.

"Alforo?" Haidy's voice was soft.

I turned to them in the middle of the conversation. I'm so aware that his gaze was on me, even though someone was talking. I compose myself and burn the insane thoughts on me.

I tried to avoid staring back. But this time, he caught me. He's looking at me intently with brows furrowed. I once wondered. Well, he's arrogant, but it seems his blood was at this time. He was stuck and serious as our eyes met.

His gaze dropped to my lips. I'm more conscious right now! And I do not know the reason.

"Now kissing in front of people?" his voice hoarse.

I was surprised there. My eyes widened when his harsh sound filled my ears. I know no one heard, but in the tone of his voice, it seemed insulting. I smirked, slightly I eyed him gritting his teeth hard. As if its a problem!

"Is that forbidden?" I ask teasingly.

My lips rose proudly that his gaze darkened. I sarcastically stared back. I used to be calm now and I can see slight irritation in him.

"What do you think?" he said mimicking my tone.

I couldn't help but stare. Amused were pursed on his lips while looking at me. I shook my head and laughed at him. I hide all the sarcasm and turned it into something he didn't like.

"Yes..." I smiled.

I lost my suppressed laughter. His jaw was clenching, and his face couldn't be painted. My heart raced a moment his eyes blend to the dark scenery. It is well mixed, and I can't help but feel foreign, un-new It was just something too special and amused with. But based on his rude look, it's not.

All I knew was to dislike his gaze, especially if I could find that look. And I sense that he's digging deeper in my eyes, seems to be looking for an answer that is impossible.

I was about to look away when I noticed his friend cheered. Laughter filled the bench because of their voices. It was too late for me to see why they were like that. They're looking at Ingrid who's now on a very short bottom sneaking around.

My lips were in a grim line straight to Alforo, I thought he would not notice me but I was wrong. He immediately caught my eyes. I did not immediately avoid it, I tried to be comfortable but also it immediately disappeared.

"Alforo, oh!" Matthew shouted.

Alforo focused his gaze for a moment and I took it a chance. 

It was then fine, but I find it very hard especially every time my eyes fall on him, I catch him grabbing my attention. Everyone didn't notice that, and maybe Demi can. But she's busy with her boyfriend and doesn't come with us often.

I'm busy with paperwork when I suddenly felt someone behind me, and I was not mistaken who it was. It was Alforo who's watching my every move. I did not know that during his gaze I noticed my letter.

"You had very beautiful handwriting..." he praised.

I smiled sheepishly while trying to compose myself. When he's around there's always a little bit awkwardness on me, probably because I've only known him for a few months and not as long as others. But he always had this aura that is against mine, on the contrary.

"Thanks..." I said cockily.

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