Chapter 7: The Eavesdropping

Astrid Larsen’s POV

I was biting my pen when I was looking at the words of the report right now at my table, in my room. My mind keeps going back to the kiss that I shared with Aaron Covaci. He was smirking as if I will never forget the kiss.

Well, he was right.

I was sighing before I was looking at the ceiling of my bed. I was smiling despite the thud feeling of my heart. I was happy that I could run the mountains when I was remembering the kiss.

I smiled before I was looking at the blood sample. I think I might want to knock the sample and I did. I was smacking the test tube and the blood was out of the test tube.

“Oops, I guess I have to do it again now,” I said as I was taking the syringe and I was smiling when I was leaving my room. There was spring in my steps.

I was smiling as I was listening to my heartbeat when I was approaching the cell. But I was not alone when I heard someone was talking with someone. When I heard closer, it was Aaron and…His Holiness!

“You think you can persuade the Huntress when you kissed her like there was no tomorrow? Hah! As if she will turn her side when she clearly hates you with all her heart,” His Holiness said as I never heard his voice in this state before.

With such venom and hatred it in.

Aaron chuckled as I heard that he was grunted in pain. I don’t know why but I felt the sweat was forming on the back of my chest as I was listening to their conversation.

“It looks like you were not pure after all, Covaci. I thought you might have any gift but it seems that I was the one that was having fun right now,” His Holiness said as I was looking at the ventilation vent. I have to hide before His Holiness knew that I was here.

I went up the vent and I was listening to the conversation as if I was not here.

Aaron was spitting more blood as he was smirking at His Holiness. He did not felt like he was having much fun when he should be begging than smirking like that and being smashed by His Holiness.

But the thing is His Holiness was not in the cell and was not touching him!

I was looking at the interaction when I was looking for possibilities that he might have someone doing the job for him but no, he was only the one there, outside the cell.

“I must say, Prince, you were quite at good disguising yourself among mortals. I could not believe that I will be running into you again and you were running this Order,’ Aaron said as he was looking at my master. I was gulping before His Holiness was laughing like the devil he was.

“You wanna bet? I have been spending my entire life to build this Order and told the human that they need me, especially when there was a threat that your father helped me to develop the hatred from the human toward the Blue Blood,” my master said as Aaron was tilting his head.

“So, you want to involve my father into this?” Aaron asked as if he did not know about that. I was listening before His Holiness was smirking at Aaron.

“Oh, my child, it will be much more than that. Don’t you remember Sheila Belmonte? She was the first subject and I can assure you that everything, and I mean everything in your world, will crumble to dust. So, if you want to kiss that Huntress of yours, go on. I would not mind because, in the end, she will be mine,” His Holiness said before I heard that Aaron was grunting in pain. My master was pointing his finger at Aaron before he was bleeding through his nose.

“Now, that should do it. You will be too dizzy to tell her,” my master said as he was smirking like a devil. I should have not called him His Holiness when I know the real truth.

“You always wanted to show off your powers, Prince,” Aaron said as he was looking at him. My master smirked before he was crushing his hand and Aaron cannot breathe.

“Of course, only here, no one will know that I am a Pure Blue Blood just like you, cousin,” he said before he released his fist, and Aaron can breathe again. I was gasping before a voice was coming inside my head.

‘Do not make a sound. Be completely still,’ Aaron was talking to me through my mind. How come he can do that?

‘This is my gift as well as your master can bring pain to anyone that he desire,’ Aaron explained as if he was reading my mind. Of course, he did! He was in my fucking mind right now!

I sighed before I was taking a deep breath and stay silent until the cell was empty with my pretended master and I was jumping off from the vent. I turned to look at Aaron as if he was waiting for me to come.

“At last, you came to the truth. I think I don’t need to persuade you with my kiss anymore,” Aaron said before I was showing him my empty test tube.

“Oh, but I want you to. I have to get some sample again,” I said before Aaron was looking at me before he smirked.

“Or you knocked the test tube in the hope to get my kiss to pay for my blood?” He asked before I blushed.

“That could be a possibility,” I mumbled before I was moving forward. I did not know what was pulling me before I was looking alarmed at Aaron. He chuckled lowly. It was seductive and sensual at the same time.

But I never felt fear from it.

“Now, where are we?” He asked me as I was gulping at him. His green eyes were looking at me before I licked my lower lips.

“You will allow me to get your sample before my payment,” I said as I was leaning closer before Aaron was removing his hands from the chain. How did he do that?

“My gift is telekinesis and telepathy. I hope you will not tell other people about it,” he whispered before I was snaking my hands around his neck, pulling him closer as I was sniffing his body odor.

It got me wet instantly as I was clamping my thighs together.

Aaron chuckled before he was looking into my eyes. He arched his eyebrows as I was blushing. He was caressing my cheeks as he was putting his forehead on mine.

“I hope you have everything that you need to answer your master’s proposal?” Aaron whispered before I was nodding. 

“Good, and what about my proposal?” He asked as I sighed.

“I don’t know what to say since it was a twist of fate right now. I don’t even know if I can trust you,” I said before Aaron smiled handsomely at me.

“Do not worry, my love. I will keep you safe. You can count on me when I’m with you and I will never let anyone hurt you. If they did, they will feel my wrath,” he said before he kissed me and I felt complete once again after I met him 1 year ago.

Only this time, I was sure that I will never let him go and Aaron Covaci will not be my hunt anymore.

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