The World of Vampire

Chapter 30

Drake could'nt accept the fact that his best friend Stephanie is now a blood sucking creature, can be one of a savage vampire.

He packed his things before someone could find him. He knows that she will do everything to find him no matter what. But he's not yet ready to see her. He's afraid of her and he's thinking what if she would kill him and suck his blood 'til he lose life. 

I like her but I don't wanna see her like that. Is vampire real? I heard many boys same with my age were all gone missing. They were found dead in any areas in New Jersey, killed brutally like a wild beast took their heart while their eyes stayed wide open and their bloods were drained.

I must have to find a way to put her back into human. Maybe the vampire thing is real. I went to our old cabin in Atlantic, a city where I grew up. I need to find the site where I can find a real vampire hunter. 

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