Summoning the Six Demons

One, two, three four, five, and six!

Six numbers composed of six entities residing in one half demon and a half mortal soul, the cambion who said to be the one to kill the Incubus hybrid vampire Damon Salvatore.


Damon hit Sachajir on his legs that made him stumbled on the ground. He hissed and winced in agony. It's a strong blow to make sure he couldn't regained his energy but he was thrilled to witnessed about his fighting spirit. Sachajir tried his best to fought back and he loudly growled where his voice reigned in the whole forest.

" I won't let you rule the world!" He roared to Damon .

He saw him standing back from the ground and he mockingly just laughed at him.

" You can't defeat me just like anyone else!" He grinned.

With one blink of an eye, Damon jumped up high going to the sky and formed a sword made of ice. " This
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