The D- D- Day?

The darkness that covers the Newark town will soon be demolished. Damon Salvatore was held captive by the leadership of Alexis Demetri, the demon slayer with the help of Thamer Reid, the Cambion who lived on Earth as a human. They trapped him inside a silver net they made through Felix Reid's sources. He gave all his shares to build a wide net made it silver. He planned it all while he's keeping him company.

A stung feeling always pricking on his skin when the net touch him. He's budget burned little by little every time he moves. The more he struggled from inside, the more he felt the wincing pain all over his body. He tried to used his black magic to be invisible again but he couldn't do it. His position, it's not here in his pocket.

" Is this you're looking for?" Alexis showed the small bottle in his hands to Damon.

Damon hissed and growled at him. He wanted to come out from the net but he couldn't. It's too thick and strong to hold him inside.

" How dare you!" He shouted at him.
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