My Vampire-Demon Story

The Finale

Diana PoV

I saw with my bare eyes, how Thamer pulled Damon's heart in a single glimpse. It's a very smart strategy of him for fooling him that he was unconscious. Damon's eyes widened in shock. He just looked at him while he raised his own heart in the air. He moved his eyes for one last time to see his still active heart before he fell to the ground. 

Thamer saw the body of Damon slowly fell like jelly on the ground. The demon vampire was already dead. He was dead finally. I saw his body slowly turned to ashes and disappeared in the air. We all took a second glance because we still don't believe that he's already dead. But he's gone and Aries quickly ran towards Thamer with a wooden box in his hands. 

" Put his heart here Thamer and your father will keep it in the Underworld. He'll never harm us again." He said and Thamer slowly put Damon's heart inside the wooden box.

I felt relieve

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