Conquering the Devil

Damon Salvatore got struck by one of Thamer's demon on his back. He hold his back and looked around. He saw the six demons who got out from Thamer's body.

They're six of them but Damon knew how to kill them one by one. He wing it's way to his enemies and made his first attack to one of them. Thamer was standing between them but he's not moving, his eyes only flickered in the light of fire circling on him.

He seemed like Thamer was controlling his demons. Damon knew what to do next. He narrowed his eyes and put his eye contact on Thamer's eyes. It looked like they're getting their source through his eyes. Wrath made his way to stop him. He ate the ball of fire coming to them. He's alone and no one to called for help until brood of vampires gathered and sorrounded them.

" I'm not an ordinary Vampire you just know! Attack!" He summoned them for fighting the enemies.

The six demons just waited for them to come over before they blow out a fire from their respective mouth. Vampires who wer
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