Saving The World Together
Saving The World Together
Author: Sally112425
The day when she became the Queen

"Grandmother, you called?" Came the sweet voice of Ning Tian Tian while she carefully entered her grandmother’s room.

Turning towards her, Grandma Ning asked her to come in and patted the empty position in front of her gesturing her to sit.

Adjusting herself in the position Ning Tian Tian kept on looking at her Grandma with her usual bright smile. Even though she knew why she was been called, she was unable to help herself and was quite nervous. She had long anticipated that this day would arrive and she would eventually fulfill her duties.

"My darling granddaughter, I am sorry that you had to see things which you would not want to see. If I had a choice, I would have helped you in some way. You have always been smart and able to understand the situation quickly. Since you have started seeing ghosts, it must have been affecting your life." Grandma Ning was a sweet lady who always cared for everyone. In their whole family, it was only Ning Tian Tian who was able to see ghosts thus everyone was well supportive of her and understood her predicament in living a normal life.

Looking at her grandma who was old and was apologizing to her with sad eyes, Tiantian quickly explained, "Grandma, I am really thankful that I am one of the few people who can see the other world around humans. I have always liked this work and will be happy to help the one's who were not helped. Grandma, anyone can help a living person, but someone should also help a soul, right? I am willing to help wandering, pitiful souls reach their destination and guide them to their path of rebirth or reincarnation."

Tian Tian did not make it up to please her grandma. Since she had understood her final destination, she had been very appreciative of her different powers. She was always happy considering that she would be able to help someone who no one can help.

Looking at Tian Tian, grandma took out a stack of books and a ring. Passing them to Tian Tian she said, "Older sister is now tired of holding the responsibility and wants to pass it on to you. I was worried if you would be ready to accept them. But it seems I was worried in vain.”

Pushing the stack of books towards her, grandma  Ning explained, “Tiantian, these books, have been written from the time our family was bestowed with this power. Every person who holds this position has to write down their cases and their difficulties so that the next person who will take over the position can understand better. You can read this if you ever fall into any problem."

Ning Tian Tian nodded and waited patiently for the explanation on the ring.

"You have to wear this ring on the index finger of your left hand. This ring is the one which will give you all the powers. It is the one which will entitle you to the position of the Queen. This ring will also help you to identify the people who have a special ability like you. It can also help you in distinguishing between the humans possessed by ghosts, but it might be of no use in distinguishing between, the pitiful souls and the vengeful ones. That is something which you have to do by yourself. Ning Tian Tian, there is another part of the ring, the ring which you wore is white, but the other one is black."

Unable to control her curiosity, she asked while wearing the ring on her index finger, "What difference will it make? And Who has it?"

Smiling on her question, grandma answered, "The person holding that ring will be the King. His power would involve the destruction of vengeful spirits and maintain the peace in the human world."

Confused Tiantian asked, "Would it affect me or my work?"

"If you unknowingly support a vengeful soul, and the soul destroys peace in the human world, he will kill that soul. But, because that soul was supported by you, the death of that soul might reduce your powers as well. Befriend him, if you meet him. If not forget it."

Leaving her home Ning Tiantian went and sat down in the car.

Asking the driver to drop her to the garden, she started thinking about what her grandmother had told her.

Looking at the ring in her hand, she kept on rolling it while thinking about her responsibilities.

Soon the car came to a halt in front of a little shabby but beautiful park. 

Getting down from the car,

Tiantian looked at the garden, a garden where flowers bloomed. The wind made sure to let its presence known.

Behind that, there was a hotel.

A hotel which was used for souls to rest, calm down their grudges, fulfill their wishes. Not all the souls can enter, only the souls who had died before fulfilling their time were allowed.

It has been years that her family was running this hotel. Now she is the queen making her the CEO of the hotel. Walking inside the entrance, she was welcomed by the staff who were working in this hotel since years.

Bowing down to her, she was guided to her office by her assistant, followed by the staff as well.

Sitting on the chair, Tian Tian gestured them to introduce themselves.

Everyone was standing in a line. All the people present in the hotel except Tian Tian were ghosts.

Coming forward the receptionist bowed at her and introduced himself by saying," Boss, I am Su Ming, I work as a receptionist, I will make sure that the protective shell of the hotel is not destroyed and filter the customers coming in.”

Following Su Ming, a middle-aged lady came forward and bowed at her while saying, “Boss, I am Han Qing, I work as a room manager. I will help in taking the guests to their rooms and make sure their needs are catered. By talking to them I can also help a little in figuring out if they are vengeful ghosts or not.”

Chef Mo Shin was a handsome looking middle-aged man, bowing to Tian Tian he introduced, "Boss, I am Chef Mo Shin, I take care of the drinks and foods. Apart from them I also go out to restock the storage supplies needed for our hotel."

After the three main staff introduced themselves assistant Zhang Beihan came forward to introduce himself, "Boss, I will be your assistant cum manager of this hotel. My duties involve, maintaining the financial status of the hotel, Filing all the necessary documents arranging buses or luxury vehicles for souls to depart, Finding information on the life of the deceased person, and helping you in fulfilling their wishes."

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