Saving The World Together

Saving The World Together

By:  Sally112425  Ongoing
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Ning Tian Tian was one of the few people who could see ghosts. She was destined to be the Queen of the Spiritual world. She had the power to choose if the soul could go back to the body or will the soul keep wandering. The souls would have only 100 days to find their killer and make them confess with the help from Ning Tian Tian. Sounds easy, Right? No. Tian Tian cannot make even a single mistake, it will cost her something that she would never think of. Apart from helping the souls who had died due to a mistake she also has to be extreme careful so as not to let a vengeful soul fool her. ---- Gu Shen was an extraordinary person who had the power to kill a vengeful soul. But he also had the choice to kill any soul who tries to disturb the realm of living world. Smart, cold, handsome and decisive was all that could define his character. He was young but was strong enough to hold all the responsibilities. He can kill a vengeful soul but, will it not affect him? He would have only three chances to kill a vengeful soul, but were they enough? ----- What will happen when, these two meet and decide to make the world a better place by fulfilling the incomplete wishes of those wandering souls. Would they be able to find love amidst of the chaotic world or would their own wishes remain unfulfilled. -----

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keep updating, author-nim 👍🏻 by the way, is there any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-21 14:28:18
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A unique plotline with both urban and magic realism, included with a romantic subplot, with ghosts and spirits. Character development is focused on both Female lead and Male lead. Looking forward to the future updates
2020-10-11 10:28:58
105 Chapters
The day when she became the Queen
"Grandmother, you called?" Came the sweet voice of Ning Tian Tian while she carefully entered her grandmother’s room.Turning towards her, Grandma Ning asked her to come in and patted the empty position in front of her gesturing her to sit.Adjusting herself in the posi
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The Spirit House
After all the staff finished introducing themselves, Tian Tian stood up and spoke, "I, Tian Tian will be your boss till the next boss is ready to take over the position. Let us work together and fulfill the wishes of most of them."All the staff had returned to work while, Assistant Zhang was giving Tian Tian a tour of the important places in the hotel.Taking her to the garden he pointed towards a single source of light and said, "This Flambeau has been lighted here since the Spirit house has been set up. After each owner takes up their responsibility, the flambeau also changes its light. It represents the soul and health of the owner. It is most important for this flambeau to be burning with utmost brightness. The brightness of the flambeau is the representation of the owner's fulfilled soul. An owner with an unfulfilled soul is not worthy of becoming an owner of a spirit house.""I have heard from my grandmother about this spirit house and the importance of t
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Power of the Spirit owner
"I wish... If you have known about the spirit owner's, then you might also know that not everyone can be the spirit owner, they are born with special powers, unlike us where, every descendant has equal chances of inheriting the dark inn. Because of this very reason, the old spirit owner starts becoming weak when the next owner is born. Unlike us who can change the owner every generation or whenever wanted or needed, the spirit owners are changed every two or sometimes three generations. It is very difficult to weaken them for a small mistake. There are many more things that you will learn as you progress. You both should be careful, avoid if you can or bow down if you can't." Father Gu spoke with sadness evident in his eyes. "Got it father." Spoke both brothers unanimously.-----Early morning,Getting up from the bed, Tian Tian noticed that she was again late for school which was actually nothing out of the blue, quickly showering and grabbing a br
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Vengeful Spirit
Tian Tian was an especially bright child since her birth, even though she used to see ghosts and talk to them, she was never of those people who were scared of ghosts or supernatural things, like her grandmother's older sister. She grew up by hearing the stories of her grandmother's older sister who was the owner of the house of spirits before her for forty years. She had heard that she was so scared of seeing those creatures that she had stopped going out of her house when she was just three years old. All of her studies had been taken care of by private tutors and later she did not continue her studies.It took a very long time to make her realize her responsibilities and hand over to them. When she was crowned as the Queen many people thought that she won't be able to handle the position and would make wrong decisions, but the owner had the time and again proven that the owner of the spirit house is chosen from birth and they are bound to contribute to it with
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Sad Energy Near The Lake
Tian Tian closed her eyes and focused all of her powers to classify the energy she was feeling. Though the energy was weak but she was sure it was there.Opening her eyes Tian Tian murmured, "It's a sad energy. Let's check who it is?"Getting down from the car Tshe said to the driver, "Uncle, I am just walking around. Please wait for me in the car."Walking towards the forest which was not dense Tian Tian followed the energy source. Trying to find the exact location she slowly reached a small lake. Looking around it she thought, 'This place looks quite isolated and calm, but I feel the energy quite strongly over here. Where is the spirit?'Tian Tian started looking around the lake to find out the spirit which was hiding. She circled around the lake, saw around and near the trees but it was of no use. Even after searching for the spirit for almost more than ten minutes when she did not found her, for a second she thought of going back.Just when she
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Tutored by Gu Shen
After the school was over Gu Shen wanted to follow Tian Tian to check and find out a little more about the reason he felt such strong energy.Unfortunately, before he could do so he was called in the principal's office for discussion.Knocking the office door Gu Shen entered when he received the permission and sat down on the chair after been allowed to do so by the principal.Passing Gu Shen a list of some students the principal spoke, "Whenever a new student transfers from another school to our school he has to take some extra classes so we can access his study level. Considering your marks from the last school I tried to ask everyone to consider you as a special case and most of them agreed as well. But there needs to be something done by you to get those lost credits. All of the teachers have collectively decided for you to help any of your fellow or junior student in studies and depending on the student's performance we will give you credit. The list that I
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Magician Hop
After asking assistant Zhang to be careful around the magician, Tian Tian looked at the video that she had just downloaded a couple of minutes ago about the magician Hop.Sitting at her chair she played the video on her computer screen with full voice. The spirit house was made in a way that it was fully sound proof.In the video the magician appeared on the stage and started introducing himself and the tricks that he was about to play on the specific show.The show started with him doing simple magic such as taking out a rose from his empty hat, turning the paper into a string of flowers, swallowing up the sword and so on just basic magic,, nothing too significant.Following which a small performance by clowns and animals were made and then it was the time for the last performance, usually the last performance is the spectacular one in all of his shows.The stage was entirely dark, soon red light's started shining on the stage and on the audience.
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First Tutoring Class
Looking at his boss having such a pitiful face Assistant Zhang spoke while trying to help in something, "Boss, can I help you with something?"Looking at the assistant who was asking her if she needed help Tian Tian just shook her head in a dejected motion saying, "Assistant Zhang, you can help me with everything... but my mother!"Sigh.Taking a deep breath Tian Tian got up and started packing her stuff while instructing,"I will go for now. You can try to gather the information on the magician Hop, but make sure to use the human powers while going close to him. I have a hunch that he is someone, who we cannot afford to mess with at this time. We will have to be careful.""Make sure that Kim Mi So is treated and ask Han Qing to try and talk with her so we can know why was she killed or anything that can help us to help her. You know right, she has limited time, though I am sure that her body won't be discovered too soon, still let's act as fast as
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Conversation between Father and Son
"Dad, I can feel weird but strong energy from a person over here. I tried hard to find out the reason for it but even after trying for a long time, I was unable to do so. I am even unable to see through the person's soul. Though the energy is strong, it doesn't look malicious. But I am scared, what if my thinking goes wrong, so I thought of consulting with you." Explained Gu Shen what he felt and what was his thoughts on the matter.Thinking for some time Mr. Gu asked him if he tried to go close to that person and feel the energy again as sometimes there are chances that when Viewed from a distance, the energy gets diverted and sometimes it might seem as if being emitted by someone else instead of the actual source.Hearing that Gu Shen had already done what he was suggesting made Mr. Gu think even more about it. As a king, they are blessed with extra powers than any other normal person. In such a case when they cannot see through a soul, it makes their work much tough
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Calculating Interest
Taking the notebook closer to herself, she solved the question and passed it to Gu Shen while explaining, "For the first year he will earn 14 dollars, making the principal amount as 114 dollars for the second year. similarly, in the second year, he will earn 15.96, increasing the principal amount to 129.96 dollars. This way at the end of the fifth year total amount which he will get back is 192.5 dollars and the total interest he earns will be 92$." Looking at the notebook which had the question solved Gu Shen smiled gently making Tian Tian's heart flutter. Unaware of why she felt proud Tian Tian simply blushed while Gu Shen kept looking at the book."Impressive, indeed you know the basics very well. Let's solve a couple of more questions and then we will call it a day." Saying Gu Shen started to write another set of questions in the notebook while she kept looking at him.Even though they were meeting for the third time, it was right now that Tian
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