CHAPTER XXV: Love no more

After almost five hours of babbling, groaning, glaring, smacking, quarreling, rolling eyes and snoozing, we were out of the plane.

The hot weather of Philippines hit me and I forgot how hot it was and regretted wearing a coat. It was all too familiar. It felt like I never left this place.

“Welcome back to the Philippines.” I muttered under my breath and followed the couple in front of me.

Sebastian and the bimbo were again no where to be found.

After getting out luggages, I waited inside the car for Sebastian. It had already been an hour and I was getting irritated. I hate it when someone makes me wait for them. I decided to call my sister, Illyria.

"Hello!" Ate greeted cheerfully on the other side.

"Hi ate, its me Audrey." I said.

"I know, baby sis. How was the flight? Are you alright?" she asked, concern can be heard in her voice.

"It was fine ate. It just feels so unusual to be here once more." I genuinely said.

"Try not to stress, baby sis. You will overcome it, eventually. A
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