As a child we long for a superior life, our fantasies are ridiculous. Comprised of fantasies and contorted falsehoods that our parents made up to make our youth worth living. In any case, at that point when we grow older, we discovered reality and privileged insights that scar us. Our fantasies are crushed, world got broken and our once cheerful and active life are shattered into millions of pieces in light of the fact that our parents  does not disclose to us anything besides the way that the existence that we have been living was each of the an untruth.

Furthermore, when things get dull you have nobody to go to. Joy gets mistook for adoration in light of the fact that neither of those things somebody can accommodate you. Love is controlled. Happiness is a waste when everybody around you is going to bite the dust and that you make a solid effort to get yourself yet there is no moment that now and again you will free yourself once more, just to recover it back. You are lost. Everything and everybody is lost.

We are living in a sad reality where nothing will be alright. Awful will consistently be here. Great may not generally win. Not every person is pleasant in light of the fact that toward the day's end, decent is unique in relation to great

That is how Audrey's life is. Her life was a lie. Her parents did not taught her what life really is. She only have been taught to enjoy all the things that was given to her. To enjoy all the wealthy life that she is living.

Did she enjoy all of it? Yes. She did enjoyed the whole wealth that her family have.

Who might not? Experiencing childhood in a well off family is such a gift. You can have all you need throughout everyday life. All the costly things that a couple of individuals can manage. You do not need to stress over all the numbers that was joined to it, the only thing that is important was what you need.

However, her family kept her away from the true world. She did not have that much freedom because whenever she goes there will always be someone tailing her from behind. For her entire life she have been told who she ought to be. What she ought to resemble, and how she should act. However, that did not prevent her from having an ordinary life.

Does she hate them? No. Not once in her whole life did she hate them.

Despite their overprotective personality, they never treated her badly. They even pampered her with a lot of good things alongside with Illyria-- her sister. She even have the time to enjoy her life to the fullest. Partying around, and having a wild life.

Audrey taught that was how easy life can be but she was wrong. She was wrong all this time.

Things that was coming her life did not cross her mind. She never taught that she could meet a man that will change her for who she is.

He caused her to feel the things she did not feel when living in a well off life. He was not rich. He is only a typical man with a low status. His lighthearted and idealistic character is the thing that got her enthusiasm for him.

But all of that was suddenly taken away from her... One night all of her happy life was gone... Furthermore, she vowed to herself not to fall in love again.


Each story has a start. A few stories have a cheerful end, some have a tragic completion and a few does not have an end by any stretch of the imagination. It is in the creator's hand to pick one of those endings and make a situation for it. With life it was unique. Life was something given to us, nothing we could decide to have however something we could decide to end. It was in our own hands to shape and make our lives. Through errors, high points and low points, torment, joy, bitterness, dread, tension and through our own choices.

So indeed, it was additionally in our own one of a kind hands to settle on the correct decisions, yet tragically, we do not generally pick what is directly for us. Sometimes, the devil takes care of us and leads us into the wrong direction and that is where all our mistakes eventually start. Maybe we hang around the wrong crowd of people. Maybe we read wrong articles. Maybe we believe what other people tell us instead  of expanding our own knowledge.

And maybe we trust the wrong people.

We changed. We reach to a point where we cannot appear to perceive our own selves. Individuals change and control us, break us, destroy us, toss us around like a bit of plastic sacks, leave their imprints on our own fragile living creature and dissapear.

The right people pick us back up again though. They support us, help us, try to glue the broken pieces back together, are a shoulder we can always lean on and are always there for us every step of the way.

At the point when life pushes you over, you push back more enthusiastically. You do not stop.

I realized all of this way too late. I realized this when I was broken and torn into a million small pieces and taught that no one really cared.

Life is a lesson and mistakes are our educators. They will show us something new every single day for the remainder of our lives. When we are more established and wiser, we understand that our life involves decisions and in the event that we make the correct ones, it will never turn out badly.  We will regret those mistakes we made in the past, but we cannot undo them or delete those memories out of our minds. All you have to do is move forward and be thankful for all the lessons they have taught us and it helped us grow as a person and a human.

I thought as I recall all the memories that had happened in the past. All the mistakes that I have made. I regretted those moments when I sneakily followed Zach curious on what kind of work he does.

I know that my curiosity will bring me to a dangerous situation but I did not imagine it to happen that way. Not once in my life taught that someone could actually do something so cruel--something so gruesome.

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