Chapter VI

I jumped out of my chair faster than I thought I could move with the silver cuff around my ankle. The chair made a screeching noise as I stood. The sound of my rapidly beating heart the only thing I could hear at the moment. I tried hard, really hard, to focus on it and not on how the blood of the guy flowed through his veins on his way to my father's mouth. The girl was still kneeling before me, her eyes still cast down to her flat palms on her thighs. Her breathing was even. There was no trace of fear in her. 

The smell of errant blood spilled from my father's mouth on the boy's neck made me ignore the pounding of my heart in my ears. It forces me to be aware of what I'm feeling. The need to feed. I felt it. The urge to sink my teeth into that girl's neck and drain her life source into my mouth. My fangs elongated and I felt their tip on the bottom of my lip. 

I tried to look at anything but at my father, but his insistent stare calls my own. I met his star

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