Holding Onto His Distorted Love
Holding Onto His Distorted Love
Author: Lu Jin Nian

"I know you are wonderful, maybe I never deserved you. What deformed was my love that instead of comforting... it has hurt you!" -Lu Jin Nián (Holding Onto His Distorted Love)


"How many second chances can we give her?" 

"But sir, she is a talented artist!" 

"So what if she is talented, company has suffered heavy losses because of her..." 

Qin Yue jumped on her seat as she broke out from her fantasies; she stared right at the tightly shut door with a hint of helplessness within her clear eyes. Her flawless face was clouded with agony and pain tore apart her heart when she heard the heated up conversation inside the meeting room. Every now and then she could hear a male voice trying to convince the board members, coming up with points to make it right but his opinions would be brutally smashed, unheard like some useless stuff. 

"Mr. Cheng, but she did earn glory to Golden Age once, didn't she? How can we suddenly do this to her?" 

"You are right, Manager Li, but now she has made us suffer double the loss what she once earned." 


"No buts, we agree that she was once famous but she is no more than a Troublemaker now. Look at the entertainment news, majority of the negative news is about her!"


Qin Yue closed her eyes and leaned back on the sofa trying to ignore the claims and complaints. Yes, the infamous Troublemaker of the industry who was being dissed inside was no one else than her. This world sure is sensitive towards changes; the industry which once worshiped and adored her is now pushing her to a corner, making it difficult for her to breath.

She debuted at17, leaving behind her beautiful adolescence to torment and try her luck in the Glamour industry which was rich yet ruthless. Only she knows how much she sacrificed to take on this path, what all struggles she faced to be where she was today. Depending solely on her talent and interest it was really difficult for her to survive in this industry where people sold their body for a tinge of limelight. But she did it, not only did she survive but she also managed to climb to the peak of popularity, winning the netizens and earning the title of 'Nation's First Love'.

But it was true that fame and fortune doesn't last long, she had everything but now, within just six years, she was at the brim of being kicked out of the company. Yes, she was about to be deserted by that company which once treasured her! But she had nothing to say in it, this year was really not promising for her. 

Three of her latest movies performed ridiculously awful in the box office providing huge loses and all of her recent concerts were tampered with. Her song albums were leaked before release and the brands which use her as the spokesperson suffered huge losses. Also, the jobs which once belonged to her were snatched away by some anonymous people.

Some claimed that she was out of luck. Really, was she? These were minor setbacks in ones career and worst could have happened. Few months back two of her major scandals were flashed which could have even got her banned but the tables turned at the crucial moment. Truths were mysteriously revealed and she managed to escape the tempest without a scar. But luck was unpredictable and now she really felt that her good times have drained out.

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