Holding Onto His Distorted Love

Holding Onto His Distorted Love

By:  Lu Jin Nian  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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Six years ago, Qin Yue broke up with her high school sweetheart, Lu Sheng, to pursue her career in acting. However, her smooth sailing career is stuck amidst a tempest and she is nearly forced to quit her career.But, like some shore to a deserted, she ends up getting signed under NC- an entertainment company which was currently ruling the industry.Little did she know that the light of hope which shimmered upon her was actually a Hell fire awaiting to engulf her whole.Her world turned upside down when she realized that that her new Boss was no one else than Lu Sheng and her constant failures were all his doings. Angry and hurt she asked him if he was satisfied to see her in this state for which he coldly replied, "Do you think I hate you this little?"Qin Yue had no other option than to surrender herself to this fate and accept whatever punishment he gave her.But the question is, can Lu Sheng really cause harm to the girl whom he had loved and protected once?

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sasuko uchiha
cute story
2022-01-06 12:11:17
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This one surely is a long read than I prefer but I can definitely say that it’s all worth it. Every page keeps my interest at its pique and the love story is one of the best on this app. Thank you Author.
2021-09-17 00:48:47
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Priyal Dessai
Amazing plot and great characters! Must read!!!
2020-11-25 17:02:04
user avatar
???Really good book recommend?
2020-11-19 07:56:20
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LilMuffins Unreal
It's Such a beautiful piece of creation.. I am literally in love with Mrs Lu
2020-09-24 13:02:18
user avatar
LilMuffins Unreal
I can't stop myself from reading it again and again.. I'm literally in love with it's about
2020-09-07 11:48:50
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j li桃子的
Hey author! Hopefully you remember me from WN but I really enjoyed your novel so I decided to read here! Anyways, keep it up! -Li_Yi_Wei (my WN user so hopefully you remember me ????)
2020-08-12 04:57:29
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Raven Dawn
love it so far
2020-08-02 12:58:34
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Lu Jin Nian
Hey reader, authoress here! This is my debut novel- a twisted love story of Lu Sheng and Qin Yue. I hope you like it... Please give it a try, add to library if you like it and do tell me what you think about the story... Hoping to have a good journey in here! With Love, Lu Jin Nian
2020-07-25 22:55:59
231 Chapters
"I know you are wonderful, maybe I never deserved you. What deformed was my love that instead of comforting... it has hurt you!" -Lu Jin Nián (Holding Onto His Distorted Love)__________________________________________"How many second chances can we give her?" "But sir, she is a talented artist!" "So what if she is talented, company has suffered heavy losses because of her..."  Qin Yue jumped on her seat as she broke out from her fantasies; she stared right at the tightly shut door with a hint of helplessness within her clear eyes. Her flawless face was clouded with agony and pain tore apart her heart when she heard the heated up conversation inside the meeting room. Every now and then she could hear a male voice trying to convince the board members, coming up with points to make it right but his opinions would be brutally smashed, unheard like some useless stuff. 
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The entertainment news sections were brimming with headlines and articles about her constant failures. Some media outlet even declared that she should really consider retiring... Retiring!? But she was only 23... However, she couldn't do anything about it, what people say is true. Her career was really falling apart this time. Unable to bear the truth she walked out of the waiting room and stood at the balcony trying to calm herself down. Life is the best teacher, it has taught her so many things but the most brutal lesson was the one she learned when she was all alone.…She never met her parents and like every little child pestered her nanny to know who they were but her nanny never answered her. It was when she tried to dwell with the neighborhood children that she got to know her orig
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She was…a b*stard? No wonder she never knew her parents, no wonder nanny never told her about her origin, no wonder she never had a parent, no wonder they never came to take her back. The truth was that they never wanted her, so they were trying to ignore her existence. She knew that the truth would be bitter but never in million years would she have thought that it would be this harsh.  She knew it was the truth yet she was trying to deny it; her emotions went complex and she broke out in tears. Agitated and hurt she pounced on the fatty. Yes, she wanted to kill him, how can he say so? How can he say that my parents don't want me? She punched him and he fell to the ground but before she could beat him up further the other children clutched her and pushed her to the ground. The fatty was bubbling with anger, "You wild fowl, how dare you touch me?"  H
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It's been a long time since it happened; the scars and wounds have long vanished but the humiliation and agony she experienced that day still makes her heart clench with pain. …She broke out from her fantasies and stared at the sky, telling herself not to break down and loose hope. That was when she found the door behind her being pushed open; it was her manager- Li Jin. The man was in his early twenties, the slim fit suit and rimmed spectacles on his nose gave him a professional and strong aura. He usually adorned an emotionless face as what happened in the world had nothing to do with him but now he looked tired and defeated. Qin Yue could vaguely guess what all happened in there and smiled."What, they are going to kick me out?" she asked nonchalantly. Li Jin was really surprised by her cool and composed manner but he couldn't hide his distress. She was an artist he cultivated with his o
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One moth passed within a blink of an eye and in this time period she only managed to act in an advertisement. Her setbacks made her loose half of her popularity and if it continued like this then she would really disappear from the crowd. Though she tried to be composed and never let herself scatter within pieces but her heart still ached about it. People easily moved on, in no time she would be forgotten and someone else would easily replace her.  Li Jin saw through her feelings and understood how she felt but he couldn't comfort her. He has been in this industry for a good while and well knew what happened to the artists who fall from peaks; never in million years would he have thought that one day he would see his Queen in this state. She was usually calm and quiet but now he could feel her depressed spirit. "Qin Qin…""Jin Ge, let's go out for
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…Li Jin returned shortly after the mysterious man left, he saw her fast asleep and had no intention to break her sweet slumber. He called two female waitresses who helped him to take her down to his car. He stuffed her at the backseat and was about to drive away when a man stopped him. Li Jin scrolled down his window and the man was the first to speak up, "Manager Li, our boss wants to speak with you."  No normal men, especially with a beauty at his backseat, would immediately rush over to an unknown man. He inquired, "Who is your Boss?" The man didn't reply instead he gave him his phone. The phone was already connected to a call; Li Jin understood his gesture and received the phone to speak. "Hello, who is this?""Manager Li!" replied a cold yet cello like voice which continued, "Am the CEO of NC.""NC? President Lu?" Li Jin was especially surprised. NC was an esta
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She carelessly picked up the phone but before she could even say 'hello' he spoke up, "Qin Qin, are you awake?" "Yes, what's up?""I have to talk to you about something. Can we meet up?" he asked nervously."Sure, at Down Town café at 10." She replied without a second thought."Okay!" and he hung up. Li Jin used his usual tone, the polite and causal one but Qin Yue could sense both excitement and hesitation in his voice, so it must be something really important so she didn't refuse and immediately agreed to meet up. …At Down Town café by ten, Qin Yue entered wearing a hat and cooling glass and immediately spotted Li Jin at a corner seat. "Am here, tell me what is it." She spoke as she took her seat. Maybe Li Jin had still not compiled up his courage to tell her the fact. What if
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He has successfully convinced her, Mr. Lu will be happy now, right! The two were taking the last sips of their coffee when Qin Yue suddenly remembered something, "Jin Ge, what about the compensation?" Li Jin came back to his senses, he evaluated, "You still have four years left in this damned company. Each year worth's two million Yuan, so four years sums up to 8 million Yuan!"  "Eight million Yuan?" she was taken aback. Yes, she was a famous actress but she had no money with her; all her money were used up as a settlement fee for the scandals that she had brought to herself. To be exact, with no job she was completely broke! She bit her lips, where was she going to arrange the money or was she to use up all her savings on it? Li Jin was silent too, he knew that all her savings would drain up by the paying the compensation fee. 
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The very next day, Li Jin went to work as nothing had happened. He knew that his Qin Qin was going to cancel the contract today but to avoid being suspected he kept calm as if he knew nothing.  Sharp at 10, Qin Yue appeared with her lawyer and went straight in. The company was in an uproar as she appeared.  "Was that Qin Yue? Did she really appear or am I seeing things?""It really is her, Oh my! She has been no where to been seen for a month. I wonder where she was.""You are right; she was silent for a month. Sigh. I think she is still not able to accept the fact that she has lost all her previous glory.""Hey, who is the guy next to her? Seems like to be some lawyer.""Lawyer? Did she come to cause another trouble?" Qin Yue was calm towards the uproar; she didn't pay a
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Not too far away Mo Yanyan was watching her leave and a cold smirk appeared on her face. She was one of those artists who were suppressed by Qin Yue, though it was not intentional. For last few years the company only focused on nurturing Qin Yue, all the best resources would be given to her and Mo Yanyan was roughly neglected. Though Mo Yanyan was popular but she couldn't beat her as she remained as the company's first preference. But for some reason Qin Yue was receiving constant failures in her career which gave Mo Yanyan a head start and now when she has finally left the company she would be naturally at the advantage as no other artist in the company was as popular as she was now.  The result was instant as her manager was getting loads of works lined up for her, the resources which once belonged to that witch were now hers. She was delighted to see this and happily said to her manager, "Zhu Jie, isn't it great that
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