The CEO’s Secret
The CEO’s Secret
Author: Alphabetical B


Sebastian’s POV

I tapped my feet uncontrollably against the hard marble floor while we await the arrival of the so-called associate, we're supposed to meet.

My grandfather had insisted on bringing me along to this meeting with an unknown man for no particular reason. Even though I'd refused at first, it didn’t make a difference, I knew I was stuck. 

“Who are we waiting for in particular, grandfather?” I asked, already running out of patience, and he glared at me in return. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that he is 75, he behaves like a teenager most of the times, and, hell, he gets on People's nerves the most. As the official owner of the company that’s currently run by me, he has much more power over me. 

I loosened the knot of the tie I was wearing a little bit as irritation sets in, I grabbed the cup of water left on the table and angrily gulped down the whole thing. 

“Use your drugs and control your emotions, son. We don’t want another episode now, do we?” he asked ironically. I digged into my pocket to fish out the drug that had been lying there all day and swallowed two pills. A blue and a red one. I took in a deep breath, and I could feel my nerves settling down a bit. I nodded at my grandfather to let him know I’ve gotten it all rolling this time around. 

I once felt that the man was tired of the monster that I am and even embarrassed of the man I'd become. But then I confronted him about it, he made me understand that he was only watching out for me. I’ve been living with him since I clocked 12, and he has been as supportive as always. He had made a promise to let me take over the company once I’m 25, and I’ve been working twice as hard to make the company thrive. I clocked 25 yesterday, and he had insisted on taking me somewhere before handing over the company to my care. 

“For a man to be responsible…” His words drew me out of my thoughts. 

“He has to have a family. A family that’ll always inspire him to make the right decision and people he’ll always long to go home to, after every hard day at work. I was confused with his statement, he’s my only family, and he knows that too. 

“Grandpops” He hates the name, but yet there’s nothing he can do about it. 

“Grandpops” I called out to him for the second time. He glared at me the second time, and I smiled “I have you, and you know it” 

“I’m not talking about me, Sebastian." If I want you to be responsible for my company, I have to get you married and fulfill your grandmother’s greatest wish” He declared, already making up his mind.

“You’re joking, right?” I asked 

“I know you wish I was joking, son, but I’m dead serious at this moment. I can’t let you take over the company without having a woman by your side” He explained. I don’t even think I’ve ever heard my grandma telling him about marriage or anything similar.

“You know I can give you a whole lot of reasons why I can’t get married right now. They're all tangible and valid reasons” I argued, and he nodded giving me the go ahead. Grandpops always loved challenges, and it’s one of the things that has brought the company this far. I started working with him as early as I was 21, a few months before I graduated from college, and I can swear that I’ve learnt a lot from him except his challenging spirit.

“I’ve been in charge of the company for 2 years now, and I’ve been fully responsible for all of the actions that I’ve taken or will take in the nearest future”, I said trying to air my point.

“You’re still not fully there. I’m not yet satisfied with all you’ve been doing” he said making the quote sign in the air. 

“I’m only twenty-five pa. Way too young to be married”, I begged, desperately trying to make him understand.

“I got married at 25” He said. Seriously!

“You know why I can’t get married, Grandpops. I’m not fully stable. You know what I’m talking about” 

“Which is more reason why I want this for you. The ball is in your court, Sebastian. Either you tell the girl about it or you don't, but it’ll be better if you do. I Was speechless. It was damn obvious that my grandfather had already made up his mind about this marriage thing. 

“You know I was really busy at work before you dragged me out here, at least you should have given me a heads up to my funeral Grandpops” I said while frowning at him. 

“You’ll thank me later for this, son. I promise” 

I hope I don’t get to curse you later for it. Once everything I’ve fought so hard to protect becomes clearer than the day. 

I was about to make a phone call to my secretary when the supposed visitors walked into the restaurant. My father had booked the whole place for them, and once they entered, I knew it was them. 

The father walked in first in his professional suit and his stoic face, the wife was behind him with a smile plastered on her face while two daughters who look so alike walked in together, hand in hand. 

The first is a little bit shy, she’s looking everywhere other than our direction while the second one is obviously the flashy type; all smiles, classy and almost a Victoria Secret model wannabe. 

“Victor, welcome. I’ve been expecting you and your family for a while. My grandfather had already stood up, walking towards the family, I decided to join him. 

“Uncle Thomas, we are so sorry for being late, the traffic was hectic” He apologized  once more, and my Grandpops gestured towards the table. 

“This is my wife, Laura and my twin daughters. That’s Pearl” he said pointing to the flashy one. This is Aurora” He pointed to the shy one. 

Aurora lifted up her head for the first time since they arrived, and once our eyes meet, her eyes grew wide, her posture became rigid, she stood rooted in that spot for a while and quickly regained composure while she covered her shock with a smile almost immediately. 

I looked at the tiny woman whose features are well-defined. She possessed an innocent broad face like that of an angel, wide-set eyes so beautiful and clear as water, her lips so full and tempting to kiss. The flora print gown she wore looked so good on her, and her hair was held together by a pin. I wish I could run my hands down her hair and remove the pin. She would look better with her hair down, I thought to myself.

They were all imaginations of mine, I would never ever get to love a woman properly. This heart is stone cold. 

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Terry Aloe
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Great book but needs editing for quotation marks

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