He's My Thorns
He's My Thorns
Author: WickedLala
Chapter 1

I look out the window, staring at the skyscraper that is opposite the building that I'm working in from my desk. Suddenly, my desk phone rings. I saw the extension number it’s Abigail, my HR director. I’m a HR Executive in Gilded Royale. Gilded Royale is the top Brewery & Wine Company WorldWide. The company is specially known for their beverage especially their Coffees and Cafe. There are 10,000 over cafe Gilded Royale owned. We’re considered the top 10 richest companies in the beverages industry. 

“Laura please come into my office” Abigail says through the phone. I get up and walk to her office which is 20 feet away from my office. I knock on her transparent office glass door and Abigail looks up at me signalling me with her hand telling me to enter. I sat on the chair opposite her with her desk separating us. Abigail was busy typing on her keyboard while her eyes were focusing on the screen. 

“Nigel is moving to London” Abigail says as she stops typing and interlocking her fingers while resting her arm on the table and looks at me. Nigel is the CEO of Gilded Royale in New York that means he’s my boss. His office is on the top floor which is 45th while the HR office is on the 30th floor. 

“Why the sudden change?” I ask. Abigail looked away and shrugged. “You don’t know?” I frown in confusion. Abigail has always known as a strong minded independent woman and not knowing things is not in her nature. “Is something going on?” I ask again as Abigail keeps silent and still looking away. 

“Nigel is moving to London permanently while his son Adrian takes over in New York” Abigail says while slowly looking at me “He’s moving tomorrow…” She added. My eyes went wide open. 

“Does the Media or Press know about this?”I ask, frowning my brows. Usually the change of CEO could affect the company reputation. Especially when the new CEO is going to be Adrian Hawthorne. I’ve read about him in the news a couple of times and as a HR i must know what is going on around Gilded Royale and that includes Adrian Hawthorne.

He was known for his looks as he could be the most good looking man any woman has ever laid her eyes on. I’ve seen him once or twice in real life and yes he is stunning but he is not known to be friendly. I never once saw him smile but he never went anywhere with his secretary beside him, Emily Brown.

Honestly, I think there is something more going on between then a boss - secretary relationship as they have been seen going out to the club and hotel together. 

“I’m releasing the news by tonight. Meanwhile liaise with Emily his secretary about the things that need to be done before he arrives in New York tomorrow” Abigail says. “And Laura. Please be at his welcome party tomorrow”. Abigail added as I opened her office glass door leaving her office.

I just looked at her as she looked at me. She knew how much I hate going to a party or social event as I don’t like having anecdotes with strangers or building a relationship with people I barely knew.

Simple said, I hate meeting new people. I don’t see the purpose of meeting new people building rapport and laugh at their jokes even when I don’t find it funny but was forced to laugh because that is what everyone does to fit in. I sigh and leave her office. 

I email his secretary, Emily and she sends me a list that needs to be done by tomorrow. I look through the list and I gotta say he is the CEO that we’re going to have trouble handling. There are like 10 things that need to be done in under 24 hour?! Make a restaurant reservation? All furniture must be white? This is ridiculous but i had to do it without question especially when he is going to be my boss. Guess I have picked him up at the airport to escort him to his apartment so that i can introduce him how Gilded Royale are in New York and going through our every partners name to him.

As I looked through the list again, I thought to myself. There is no way I'm able to complete all this by myself so I went out of my office and looked around. Everyone is busy typing away on their keyboard.

I glanced at Greta, a HR generalist. I walk towards her desk and say “Hey. Could you complete these two tasks by tomorrow morning?” I ask. She instantly gets up from her seat and mumble “Yes..sure”. I knew she didn't wish to do it but she can’t say no to me as I’m the executive.

Next Day….

I booked a Mercedes Benz S class, company car and a driver to drive Adrian around New York. “Morning Ms. Williams”. Barry the driver greeted me with a wide smile as he opened the passenger door for me. I press my lips together not showing my teeth and smile gently. I bow lightly acknowledging his greeting and went into the car. I glanced on my watch to see the time.

I have 30 minutes left before Adrian arrives. 

During the whole journey to the airport I could feel butterflies in my stomach. Not gonna lie meeting Adrian makes me nervous because I’m nervous around good looking guys. I always rambled when I talk, especially when I look at their eyes. It’s been a habit of mine since i was young. It could be a disorder or a sickness.

I close my eyes, calming myself as I rehearse in my mind about what to talk about to Adrian when We’re in the car later. 

Soon, we arrived at the airfield. I looked up at the sky and I could see a plane landing. Adrian took a private jet to arrive in New York that is why I waited for him in the Aerodrome instead of inside the airport. As soon as the jet landed, I instantly knew that it was Adrian's jet.

I inhale and exhale as I clenched my jaw and gripped onto my Ipad. 

As the plane stops, the airstairs go down a man figure with big build and broad shoulders walk down the stairs. One look I knew that was Adrian.

He’s wearing a black shirt and deliberately unbuttons 3 of his buttons exposing his chest with black pants. Gosh he’s hot. My breath getting shallow Inhaling through my nostrils and exhaling through my pursed lips as he walked towards me.

What is this that i’m feeling? Why do I feel breathless as he gets nearer. I grip onto my Ipad tightly and walk towards Adrian slowly as I glance at him. His thick brows with grey eyes and his fuller pink lips. I exhale as I look away and stretch my arm for a handshake. I didn’t smile, I couldn't because I'm stunned at how good looking he is. I look on his forehead avoiding his eyes and welcome him 

“Welcome to New York, Mr. Hawthorne. I’m Laura the HR Executive.” He glanced at me, not smiling and took my hand. The way his big hand grip onto my hand and shake it. Gosh his gripping is sending electricity through my body. I quickly pull away my hand before I fall into his spells.

I move my head to the side to find that his secretary is not behind him. “Where is your secretary?” I ask. He looked away as he sighs heavily and says “She quit. Find me a new secretary”. He ordered me as he entered the car.

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