He's My Thorns

He's My Thorns

By:  WickedLala  Ongoing
Language: English
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One is reliving in the past while the other is haunted by the past. Laura Williams is honest but an apathetic woman, she has only one goal in life and that is revenge. Adrian Hawthorne is dominant but complicated. The day Adrian demand Laura to be his personal secretary, is the day their life's change for better and worst.

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1
I look out the window, staring at the skyscraper that is opposite the building that I'm working in from my desk. Suddenly, my desk phone rings. I saw the extension number it’s Abigail, my HR director. I’m a HR Executive in Gilded Royale. Gilded Royale is the top Brewery & Wine Company WorldWide. The company is specially known for their beverage especially their Coffees and Cafe. There are 10,000 over cafe Gilded Royale owned. We’re considered the top 10 richest companies in the beverages industry.  
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Chapter 2
I sat beside him while looking down on my tablet scrolling through my task list and my notes. Believe it or not i prepare a script on what to say to Adrian. This shows how nervous I am about meeting him. I could literally feel cold sweat dripping down my forehead. I look out the car window that shows Adrian's reflection. He is looking out the window as the car moves passing by New York busy streets.  
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Chapter 3
“You look nice” Abigail says as she looks at me up and down. I smile “Thanks” I say. I wore a long flair white dress. I bet Abigail is thrilled to have me come to a social event since I avoid these types of events. My relationship with Abigail is complicated.  
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Chapter 4
After 5 minutes of walking we reached a street which was filled with cafes and little walking along the pathway. “Here it is,” Nancy says. We reached a burger restaurant instead, I looked up and it’s called Burger Heaven. I make a confused face. Nancy giggled and pulled me by my wrist and went into the restaurant
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Chapter 5
I saw a black Ferrari parked behind him and had to ask, “Your car?” pointing on the ferrari. Ignoring his request, I changed the subject so I could quickly walk away from this conversation. He nodded. “I'll get going” Before I could turn away and walk, Adrian grabbed my upper arm and pulled me close to him.
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Chapter 6
 As I left Abigail's office, the conversation I had with her was circling around my head. What is it that she knows about Adrian that I couldn’t handle. I shook the thoughts out of my head and went up to the 45th level, Adrian’s office.  I
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Chapter 7
Soon it was Saturday, I got ready wearing a casual white shirt and jeans with sneakers to go to Adrian apartment. Every saturday, I had to work in his apartment as the agreement is to work for him Monday to Saturday around the clock. I don’t bother wearing office wear as it’s going to be in his apartment so I just wore something comfy.  
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Chapter 8
Throughout the whole ride, my mind keeps thinking back at the elevator about what Adrian says about me. It felt as if he knew why I am what I am. People usually avoid and move away from me after knowing me. But Adrian he didn’t really mind me being like this instead it interested him for some reason especially when he asked me to be his secretary.  
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Chapter 9
Barry, Adrian's personal driver, drives us to the Event by a black car. “You look good letting your hair go” Adrian complimented me. I thanked him. I still can’t get over what happened back at the fitting room situation.  
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Chapter 10
I groan as my eyes open slowly and the sun shines onto my eyes. I blink furiously because I just realised I fell asleep on Adrian’s couch. Oh shit! I get up, stand up on my feet and gather my things, getting ready to leave before Adrian finds me.  
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