Chapter 79

CHLOE and Jucel stood at the front in either sides of Kieran Lornn. Lady Terra and her attendants had every women and children hidden underground with water serving as their roof. The earth was the Lornn Tribe's territory and so she figured it would be safer for them if they would be surrounded by a foreign element for protection which, in turn, was Chloe Rein's water element.

Chloe stared far beyond the walls using her special eyesight and she could see the third branch already gathered a few yards away from the walls.

"They have large mudballs with them," Chloe informed Kieran.

Kieran just nodded his head, as if he was expecting such attacks. "They are trying to break through the walls with it." He then gave them a small smile. "Sadly, they might not be able to use it anymore."

He shot his arms out, palms outstretched and facing the ground. Chloe watched in amazement as the walls began to change form and turned into mud, melting into a pool of wet earth and

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