Chapter 111

WITH a single swipe of the hand, the tree trunk was cut cleanly into two like a knife cutting through the meat. It bounced on the ground before falling backwards, away from them. Another tree leaned to one side, splintered bark cracking and groaning without anyone touching it. Ailene and Hunter stepped back as the tree slowly toppled over, air gusting through quaking branches before it slammed into the ground with a thundering thud. Hunter then wiped the sweat from his forehead with his hand while Ailene blew a black hair out of her face as the two of them surveyed their work. This was not the first two downed tree. Logs baring clean cuts and uprooted trees were being cut up and harvested by the villagers, Hēding and a few of the Liu Tribe servants. The plan was to clear this area near the settlement for grazing and gardening once spring comes. The lumber would be used to for building material and firewood.

A younger man with dirty blond hair – Kenneth, if Hunter was rememberi

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