Flower Garden

Flower Garden

By:  Scarlet_marigold  Ongoing
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"Daisy is a kind , cheerful and always help others , but I'm a selfish , My first priority is myself and I'm not cheerful either . So , I just wanted to be a part of this world and receive their love for granted. I'm tired of acting . Though , I'm not DAISY , I wanted them to remember me . I wish ,there was a place for me in this world." i said and his eyes widened for moment and he suddenly hugged me tightly . "I'm sorry for leaving you alone ." "It was really hard for you . it's okay to be selfish . it's okay to prior yourself . it's okay to take their love for granted . it's okay to be yourself and live your own life". "Sorry for taking a long time , even if you hide yourself from everyone . I'll always try finding you . Finally , I found you , Emily ". As he said , my eyes widened . I always wanted them to not find me out , but the truth is , I just waited to be found out by someone . Now, I know, he's the black butterfly I waited for . ---------------------------------------------- Emily is a 20 years old college student, who lived a normal life. But suddenly when she transmigrated into a 17 years old girl named Daisy in a complete different world and she become the heroine in a novel . Then, she continues to act like the real heroine to survive , until she was found out by the Daman ; People in this kingdom faces crisis which is done by the villain , Lukhas . The God gives her a clue "The conducts of your close one , shall give away the real misfortune". After listening to the clue , She finds out ,the real enemy is someone powerful than Lukhas and someone closer to the people with her. "Will she able to handle the truth ? " -----------------------------------------

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i like the story line, keep it going. i am curious, is there any social media that i can reach out?
2021-07-23 17:34:24
21 Chapters
Who is he
"You .. Don't have a soul ." he said with an unwavering eyes. who is he ? what is he talking about soul ?. I just wanted to take a walk in the garden alone for some peace while Ash went to check whether the Royal Ball is started or not ; so in the meantime , I thought of admiring these flowers ;soon I heard footsteps approaching closer to me . I turned back to see who is it.But unfortunately Its not Ash ,its a silhouette of a man in his twenties , I can see the lining in his silky black hair that's moving gracefully in the air . I don't know a character with black hair in this novel .is he a side role? but he's uselessly handsome.Wait this is not a time to think about this.  he knows about me , what should l do . "What are you talking about? how rude ". I just made that comment to make him look like a crazy person to ask someone he just met.But it looks like he doesn't give a care about that stuff and continued.
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Daisy Perennis
"Flower garden" . it is a normal romance novel , the reason why I hate this novel , because it is a cringey novel with cringey dialogues and the worst case scenario is , I didn't complete the novel , because it annoyed me . But however its a beautiful place where magic exist , it's limited though and in this world they have 2 moons ; one emits golden rays and the other blue rays . As you know ,the title of novel based on the flowers where everyone worship flowers as a symbol of peace and glory of their Kingdom. Here if you don't have a flower garden or maintain it properly , people will considered as you ill- mannered person . They also have church and prophets . But the thing is there is severe famine in the outskirts of the city . Even though they worship flowers they're not sweet and pleasant as flower. they're cruel and brutal . don't even hesitate to kill a person. Ah"What am I gonna do?".   "My lady, are you alright? shall I
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About the novel
(yes. thats right . I'll just greet him and excuse myself )   "Greetings Father ."( I'm scared )   "what are you doing here , Daisy?" "Are you sick ? why're you sweating so much in the middle of winter ?   ( why don't I die ? it's embarassing)   " Sorry for making you worry father , My health is quite down today . I'll excuse myself " "Then, bulter lim can take you to the room " the duke said .   (This bulter lim is most trusted employee in this mansion . I have to get on the good side with him . Well , I'm relieved to escaped from the duke )   Place :Duke Perennis mansion ( Daisy's room)   The life of a heroine is surely tiring . let's first analysis our situation and about this place . this is a harem romance novel , there were 3 male leads The crown prince THEODORE DIO TULIPA. The Grand Duke JULLIAS HELI
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Made a friend
"what happened to you daisy , why are you talking to me formally?" Matthew asked with eyes filled with sorrow.   ( why , why are you sad , just because I spoke in formal manner)   "Did I offend you"?.   (No , I'm the one deceiving you all . I'm sorry , I'm really extremely sorry . my heart feels heavy to lie to them . but , do even I have a choice ? )   "No , brother .it's not you , it's me . I'm the one with problem." "Are u hurt ?, Shall I call you a doctor?" he asked. "I'll be alright . I'll accompany you when I'm fine " "Then , I shall excuse myself. take care" he said with a sweet voice "yes, brother".   ( I have no idea about what I'm going to do in this world . Ah , I really can't deal with people )   there is so noisy outside and Ash ran over to me and told that the bastard I mean crown prince came over to see m
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2 moons
"Greetings, Lady Daisy Perennis . I'm Jullias helianthus".said in polite manner , with his blonde hair striking against the sunset and his green eyes is like a deep forest putting up guard against the people. I guess he's reserved type .   "Greetings , Lord Jullias helianthus. it's nice to meet you". I said it politely and excused myself from them and went back .   In this novel , Jullias only loved Orkhis until the end , even though she struck in between first prince's scheme. Ah , I'm tired . I reached the mansion and went to my room . After, changing into pyjamas , it's already night . Yesterday night,I was busy organizing my plans , I didn't have a chance to look at the moons . I think , I'll see it today.   I called Ash to keep me company in the balcony of daisy room . As I said before ,in this world there are 2 moons. One is emitting golden light and the other blue light . It was suc
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black haired person
*Gasp* I opened my eyes , and it was still midnight , but why am I crying? it because of the dream , I don't remember what he said , but I do know , he knows about me the real me . he ended his sentence with my name'EMILY'. that's my name in my previous world. Who is he ? he is not from my previous world , because his attire surely represents this world. I know all the main characters . but why I feel I'm missing something very important plot of this novel. I'll just recall the contents of the novel and find him (that's what she told , but she slept within 5 minutes.)   Morning :     "My lady, please wake up , you've to go to the dining hall" Ash said and fetched warm water to wash up and I chose a simple dress , but it's really uncomfortable with corset . I wish I can wear pants and shirts .   "Ash , is there pants and shirts for ladies here?"I asked her.
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The real hero
(As expected he is the one . In the novel there was a famous publishing house with newspaper Publishing company. it influenced the high society just by its headlines . This is also the company which made 1st prince Lukhas ena tulipa a pitiful sickly prince and a traitor in the end .So, I've to make a good use of it.)   "we shall discuss further details in your lobby ". As I said , he rushed to the lobby and cleaned up the table and let me in. He asked his servants to serve me a tea .But I refused .   "First, let's get into the business". I showed him my papers .After sometime , he told me , it's inappropriate to publish this book .  After I spoke the fact , he accepted right away.   The fact is  absolutely capital (money) . I just told him about the profits . I'm sure this book will influence the high class society too.   Then we came to deal , where I gonna have 70% and publishing
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Royal Ball
    I can't remember his name. I regret , that I didn't read the novel completely .   Then June was actually really inspired by my way of clothing , and she showed me some of her dress designs, they're party gowns , She told me to pick my favourite design and told me to wear this for coming Royal Ball.   "Why there is suddenly a royal Ball? " I asked them immediately.   they give me a look " how can, You the one can't know about it?", then they explained that's crown Prince's birthday party . They told me that I will be specially invited by that moron( crown prince).   Then I chose a design  and chose a design for my sweetest princess Orkhis . We continued to talk about novels , I hope my princess will like my novel. ( I think there will be a fight between Daisy and Jullias over Orkhis , lol)   After some time , Jullias helianthus made his appearanc
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Daman Anemone
(I'm sacred . but that's doesn't mean he can talk to me like that.)   "Who are you? Why should I answer to a nameless person ?" I said this , so he will either reveal his name or he will just leave me to protect his identity.   "I'm Daman Anemone" . as soon he said the name , the know right away , he is the main male lead in this novel . Daman Anemone , elder brother of Orkhis (villainess) and the Magic tower lord's right hand . Is he asking me because , I took daisy's (his lover) body. My old friend in my previous life told me that's the real main lead was protective of daisy and his sister very much.  he killed everyone who's trying to harm his lover and sister.  Now , will he kill me ?  Ah! that's right .   "You're right . I'm not DAISY PERENNIS ,the one you all know . I'm from another world . So what , it's not like I wished to come here and take her body and deceive the people
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Love Triangle
" Do I even need to answer your question?"Daman  was so cool while saying this , he's just asking Theodore "who is he? . "of course . I'm her fiancee " he said it , but he's asking daman , 'do you even have any authority over her to claim a relationship'. when did I give him authority over me. "Then , I'm her lover. " Daman said it loud . Ash and crown prince, even I'm surprised hearing that .Crown prince gritted . "What are you talking about? if its like that, then I'll be better choice because I have the highest authority after the King himself. "  Theodore bragged  pridefully.But guys ; why didn't you ask for my opinion. "Stop ! its enough . what do you guys thinking about me . Am I an object ?, and you (crown prince) , what made you think that , if you had a high status and power , I'll become your possession . Don't even think about it , I'll only Marry the person I love .
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