Chapter 3

"Mr. Schmidt, we want to keep her condition confidential and I would like to request that you treat her as a normal student of this school." My mother told the Principal of this school.

She then innocently placed both of her hands on her lap, and gave her sweetest smile.

I was just sitting quietly beside her, and boy, I'm having mixed emotions right now.

We are here at the SSPA, Schrøtersgøta School of Performing Arts. My enrollment is still on pending, since the Principal would like to discuss the fact that I am ill.

I noticed that Principal Schmidt looks like he's about to give bunch of sermons to a lot of students. He frowns like there is no tomorrow waiting for him. He's gray headed and wrinkles were already spotted under his eyes.

"Now, Mrs. Summers-"

"I am a Ms. now, Ms. Smith." My mother cut off Principal Schmidt, then showed off her ring finger.

"No sign of rings." She laughed awkwardly, while I laughed secretly. I can't believed she just interrupted the Principal of this school.

"Well, Ms. Smith. I am not against with your request, but the school board has. It is in our student manual to not allow inside our school grounds if a child was ill, especially with her condition, but the option is, we can provide a tutor for her at home."

I think my world fell and crashed into pieces hearing those words. This is not what I am expecting.

"You don't understand. My daughter has two more years to live, and she just wants to experience how to live like a normal kid." My mom's voice was shaking, and I think she's gonna cry. I held her hand and squeezed it, just to give her the assurance that it is okay.

Then there it is, I saw pity in the Principal's eyes. That's the last thing I want people to feel for me.

"Mom, let's go. It's okay." I stood up.

"Wait, hold on." Principal Schmidt suddenly stood up too.

"You're now an official student of this school. Please proceed to the registrar for your class schedules." He offered his right hand to me, and we shook hands.

I cannot believe this. For real? One moment he was totally against it, and now...

"Ms. Smith, stay for a moment, you have a contract signing to do."

"Welcome to, SSPA." His smile was pure and genuine.

I left the Principal's Office, then looked for the registrar. I cannot believe that I am actually here, inside of a school, and officially a student.

When I reached the registrar, they handed me a small envelope. They said that it was my registration form and some requirements I'll be needing in my class. After that, I met my mom half way.

"So how was it?" I asked her immediately. She held both of my hands.

"I'm so happy for you, honey. I hope you like it here." She hugged me tightly.

Oh, how I love this amazing woman.

"Yes, mom. Thank you so much." I caressed her back, cause I could hear her sobbing slightly. Then when she released me, she immediately wiped off her tears.

"I'll wait for you at home. Good luck in class, Hopie." My mom calls me Hopie when she's feeling sad or lonely. I just looked at her back when she left, until she's nowhere to be seen.

I walked to where my room was, this place is really huge, I think I'm going to need a map when looking for my classrooms.

I am now in the building of Music. I took up this course, cause it reminds me lots of happy memories when I was still a kid. Ever since that, it became as my stress reliever.

Based on my registration form, my room for this time is 309, so that would be on the third floor.

I approached the elevator, cause I cannot afford to take the stairs.

When the door of the elevator opened, the students suddenly stopped their chitchats, and looked differently at me.

Their reactions reminded me of those bullied girls that I watched in the movies.

I guess this was their first time to see someone like me.

I just ignored them, and entered.

When I

got off the elevator, I immediately saw where my room was, cause it was just in front of it.

I knocked lightly on the door and enter the room quietly with my heads down.

I'm totally nervous right now.

I bet the class has already started.

"Excuse me. English 1100?" A voice of a woman echoed in the whole room. I looked up to know who it was. An old lady, she's not that old old like the Principal.

"Huh?" I don't know why that word came out of my mouth.

"Do you belong in this class?" She asked to me calmly. I can feel a lot of people were looking at me and I think I'm melting.

I nodded my head.

"Well, let me see your registration form." I walked towards the teacher's table and gave her my form.

She examined it, then she looked at me.

"Ms. Summers is your new classmate." She stood up then faced me to the whole class. What the frizz! She held my shoulders then squeezed it gently. I saw nothing but blurry faces, I don't want to see these new people staring at me.

Can we just skip this introduction part, I do hate it.

"Now, go find a seat." The teacher told me. I walked to where was the vacant seat, which was in the second to the last row.

There's a blonde girl at the back of my seat, who is smiling warmly at me. A guy with a perfect seating position on my right, who is busy scanning his book. Then a curvy black headed girl on my left, I think she's eating sneakily.

I sat and put my bag down.

The teacher was about to write but she looked at my direction.

"Im Ms. Pedersen, by the way."

"Yes, Ms." I said, my voice was shaking.

Then Ms. Pedersen continued writing on the white board.

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