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Ah! Finally! Thanks to God! Phew, it's now completed. A very big thanks to everrrrryone who read and supported this. It really, really means a lot to me!

This is my third book on Goodnovel, and I'm glad it's not completed. It took me a month plus to write this. Cool, right? Hehe!

Thanks again!

For the typos or grammar error, I'm sorry for that. It's still under editing. 

So, I'll be starting a new book really really really soon. 

Title: Chasing his


For the mission, for his ego, for his love, for it all, he had to get her. 

Renee was smart, gentle, beautiful, cool, loved by everyone. Working at the club one night, as usual, she bumped into the hot dude. The most famous guy on campus. All she wanted to do was to serve him one drink, but he wanted something more. 

Daily, she began to see him. He began to chase her. He wanted her. Just her. Renee on the other hand, had a lot to think about. The survival of her little family was borne on her. But, wouldn't she still have to fall in love someday? 

The moment she decided to give him a chance, they all came. The ones who loved each of them. The guy who liked her, the ladies who liked him. What could this be? A love triangle? 

Against all odds, they tried to be together. But, in this journey, would they be able to be with each other? Would they be able to fight the battles in their love life? 

Even if they were able to go through this, what would happen to their love story when the past haunts? When something unexpected strikes in the end?

Read to know more!


That one's gonna be quite different from my other stories. And hopefully, more crai crai👀

Lol! And, it'll be free for a while. Hurry up and read it! 

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And, to everyone who always commented, and dropped a review, thanks so, so much! I know some of you.😉

Also, I'm thinking of writing a story about Claire and Dave. If you support it, I'll go for it. Let me know what you think, please. 

Again, thanks so much. God bless! Have a nice time ahead!❤️❤️




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Praise Odulesi
Thanks once again! You read all of them! 😊😊
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This is a great story too. Couples go a lot but not as much as Adrienne and Sébastien. I thought Ethan would get a chance with Adrienne but it was Dave wanted to be there. It took how many times her and Sébastien broke up but in the end, which, was drama in its itself. Details were great. Congrats!
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Praise Odulesi
Thanks so much, Miriam! I really appreciate your support! Follow my social media for updates on when I'll start their story.
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