Chapter 439 Wrong Girl

Tiffany had just bought some beer from a small shop and made her way onto the road. Suddenly, a van arrived and blocked her way. Before she could react, two burly men got down from the vehicle and covered her nose with a cloth soaked in chemicals. Then, they carried her into the vehicle. She dropped the plastic bag full of beer bottles onto the ground, causing the bottles to shatter. The last thing she felt was a splash of cold beer on her ankles.

After some amount of time, she opened her blurry eyes and found herself in a completely unfamiliar place. It seemed to be an old shack. The ground was cold and damp and unbearably dirty. A group of men sat on one side, drinking beer and chatting with filthy speech.

She had only moved a little when one man turned towards her, “Oh, the girl’s awake. Quick, ask them for instructions. I can’t stand it any longer.”

She was gripped with fear. Based on her current observations, there were at least five men in front of her. Her hands were tied beh
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