Chapter 694 Yet Another Secret Death

He usually came home early. Today, however, he did not want to go home. He didn’t know how to face Arianne. He was afraid of accidentally spilling the beans.

His mind whirred with the words that the old woman had said in the Intensive Care Unit. He pulled out his phone and called Henry, “Henry, bring Zoey Wynn and her husband to my office, now.”

They arrived half an hour later. Zoey saw the look on Mark’s face and knew that something wasn’t right. Her idiotic husband, on the other hand, was admiring the majesty of Tremont Tower.

Zoey was bewildered. “Mark… Why have you called us here?”

Mark smirked, “Do you know how Granny got sick?”

Zoey’s husband stiffened, then rubbed his nose guiltily. Zoey was clearly innocent in this particular matter, “It’s perfectly normal to catch a cold in this weather. I’ve just been very busy lately, and my mother never mentioned anything about feeling ill. She had a cough so I gave her medicine. I didn’t pay any particular attention. I only knew that it wa
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