Chapter 1414 5% Detective Work, 5% Diplomacy, And 90% Violence

Sarah’s face turned pale. “Stop it, Mr. Smith. As long as he still sends home money, I don’t care what game he plays out there. Ain’t this how life is? I stay at home and take care of his old ma and our kid; he goes outside, sweating his blood and tears making money. I understand if he wants to have fun sometimes, it’s fine. But now, he’s dead. We don’t mind any amount of money you give, so if there’s nothing more to say, then excuse me.”

Alejandro dropped the affected cordiality in his voice. “I’m sure you already know: if I ever find his a**, I’ll make him as dead as he’s supposed to be. He’s already dead in the eyes of the law, right? So what’s wrong with killing a dead man, hmm? Not even the cops think he’s alive. Now, since I know he’s alive, I won’t stop until I find him, whether it’s with your help or not. Don’t worry though, after I’m done with your dear husband, I’ll make sure I send his severed head to you just to let you know how he’s holding up. After all, you people have
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