Chapter 1464 Whatever In The World Could Make Sylvain Trudeau Blue?

The next morning came, and Arianne went to work with a well-adjusted mindset.

It was in her nature to do that. No matter how spoiled her mood was during the day before, the effects only lasted for a night, tops. She was indisposed to trapping herself with negative feelings for far longer than the problematic issue warranted.

The first thing that greeted her in the office was Sylvain, who wore one of his most mopey looks ever. “What the heck, Sylvain? It’s a bit too early for that look… Couldn’t wake?” she teased.

Sylvain leaned against the back of the office chair with his “kill me please” expression. “Oh, worse than that, ma’am. It’s way, waaaaaaay worse.”

Arianne guessed. “Gosh, has a calamity has befallen your relationship with Robin?”

“Bruh, would it kill you to generate positive thoughts for me?” Sylvain reparteed sourly. “I’ll have you know that ever since I met her mom that one time, Robin’s mom ceased being a problem for quite a while. I even get to go out on dates with Ro
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