Chapter 60: Black Monday

Third person POV:

When Jenifer called and informed Aisha about her Pen drive she felt extremely curious to finally unveil her father Mr. Samuel Miller Secret “Don’t look into it, I’ll be there in 10 minutes” Aisha said in her stern voice as she lightly pushed her heavy pregnant body of couch “Where do you think you are going now?” Amrita quickly questioned Aisha as soon as she saw her picking up her Dollar clutch “Maa… I’ll explain you everything later, but right now I have to visit Jenifer ASAP…” Aisha hastily replied and stuffs her clutch and cell phone inside right pocket of her beige coat which was still on her body, however she made her way towards their main door only to turn back again “Aheemmm…  Maa.. Can I please borrow your car?” Aisha requested her mother to which h
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Author whereeeeeeeee ?
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@Ann : okayyy!! but plz zzz let let RAVAN be there in it..n See Aisha
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hi you get an update today, it one long chapter which need little modifications ?

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