Chapter 6: Police station

Aisha POV:

“What the Fuc….” I spoke in my mind “Why is my luck so creepy that out of all people, he is the one who has to come and help me….” I added speaking in my mind, I did not realized that I was staring at him until he gently touched my neck which I was 100% sure was now printed with my attacker fingerprints, I felt a sudden spark run up in my whole body as soon our skin’s were in touch with each other “Is he carrying electricity in his fingers?” my sub conscious spoke to me, my breathing hitched as I followed his eyes and noticed he was intently staring on my smooth wheatish colored neck, his fingers were softly caressing my attacker marks on my skin , in that moment he suddenly looked up and our eyes were again locked at each other, I noticed his eyes were in deep shade of brown surrounded with thick lashes, his facial structure were very sharp, his skin was little tanned, I believe that is because of hot sun of India, his long well groomed beard and moustache were very attractive, his musky masculine smell was filling my nostril with unexplainable calmness, he was perfect definition of ‘Greek God’ he was indeed most handsome man I have seen, I mean truly not even in new York I have seen anyone like as ‘WOW’ like him, I never felt this much lost for some before my mind was busy playing tricks on me, I was focused on studying his face when my gaze transferred to his dark pink full lips which he slightly licked while staring at me “Th..Thank you sir” I said in almost shuttering voice “What is your name?” he questioned “What the hell…” my mind spoke , he had one hell of a strong and husky voice ‘Amazing Combination beauty with voice’ I said in my mind ‘Yes! Also add mafia and Killer to your combination’ my sub conscious mocked me, to me bring me back into reality “What?” I questioned him back ‘Wait a second he knows to speak English? How? Isn’t he an Indian mafia? Are they educated?’ I questioned myself while staring at him in daze, “You doesn’t look like a local, What’s your name?” he questioned again in his attractive deep voice “Yes… I am, I mm…New.. yo, I am Neo.. Naomi..Yes! I am Naomi from Ca..nada” I replied, I don’t know why but something in my gut told me not to tell him about my real identity which is why I end up telling him my fake name and Country of origin “Naomi..” he said staring straight in my blue orbs “Hmm… Thanks , I’ll leave now” I replied and tried to turn but he immediately grabbed me by my arm and pulled me back, his impact was so sudden that I ended up hitting my back on his rock hard chest “What the Fuc....” I said in wincing ‘Say sorry if you want to stay alive stupid girl’ my sub conscious immediately replied me and I realized my mistake, I quickly turned to face him again “I .. I am sorry sir, I didn’t.. Mean it” I apologized with pleading eyes when as realized his hard and intently gazed were fixed on me, he was about to say something but he was interrupted by one unknown person from behind “Ravan….” That person said “What?” Ravan spoke with his eyes still fixed on me “Shabbir is on call” that person said and Ravan slowly pulled back his hand from my arm, he took a step back all this time without even blinking once while staring at me, he gave me a small smirk before turning back and attending that call, I took that as my queue to leave… I slowly… slowly…  very slowly took back one step at a time and after I got back almost three feet apart from Ravan I immediately made a run…. i ran for almost  5 minutes straight until I stopped to hold my breath “Fuc…fuc.. on earth was that..?” I spoke while trying to calm my breath.

While catching my breath, I realized that I accidently reached ‘Lucknow Central Police Station’, “Oh my I reached here..! How the hell did I reach here?” I questioned myself utter confusion looking at cops roaming around in front of police station, anyways I decided on entering inside police station, as soon as I entered a very weird smell hit my nose, it was a strong smell and l dint realized where was it coming from until my eyes fell on a sweeper who was mopping floor “Ohh… its a floor cleaner”

I spoke in mind ‘I used to have fresh flowery fragrance floor cleaner in New York’ anyway I diverted my gaze to take in completed look of police station , It was kind of well maintained building, with several freedom fighter photos on one wall and on other wall there were paintings of motivational quotes also every piece of furniture inside was entirely in shade of dark brown, almost every officer was in proper Khakhi colored uniform, I saw four police officer were sitting behind their respective table and scribbling something on papers, two of police officer were interrogating few people and by looking at them I could tell those were locals, few of police officer were having their breakfast on their table, when suddenly I realized ‘ I forgot to have my breakfast’ my stomach started grumbling weird sound at this thought, “Madam ji Kya Chaiye apko (translation : Madam what do you want )?” a Police officer questioned standing right in front of me “Hmm…what?” I questioned him back, I was little lost at that time “You are foreigner?” he questioned me again “Yes! Yes! I am….” I replied “OK , what are you doing here? Are you lost?” he questioned me “No No No sir... I actually need some help, I am looking for one police officer and can you help me reach him?” I said “Do you know where can I find Mr. Manohar Tyagi” I added , I realized as soon as I said that name every single police officer present inside turned their head towards me with confused face ‘Awkward’ my sub conscious replied, there was pin drop silence in police station, I tried to figure out what was happening when “Why do you want to know about Mr. Manohar Tyagi?” I heard a strong voice coming from someone who was standing behind me, I right away turned and saw a handsome looking police officer standing in front of a cabin, he was approx 6’feet tall and  well groomed with clean shaved face and hairs which were neatly combed, his uniform was well pressed and had multiple starts on his shoulders, his muscles were popping out of his short sleeves Khakhi colored shirt ‘Wow’ I spoke in my mind “Are you even listening to me? Why do you want to know about DGP Mahohar tyagi” he questioned me again in his strong voice “I.. I have some work with him! Can you tell me where can I meet him?” I questioned him, trying to hold my eyes from moving down from his face “You can’t meet him!” he said “Why not?” I questioned him crunching my eyebrows together “Because… he is dead” he said without blinking and my feet went stiff on ground “Dead?” I questioned myself staring at handsome police officer in front of me.

Third person POV:

While speaking on call with ‘Shabbir shaik’ from corner of right eye Ravan saw Aisha running away from him, Ravan turned and kept staring at her small running figure , when his partner Guddu interrupted him “Ravan she is running away… Do you want us to catch her?” Guddu questioned him however Ravan Simply kept staring at back of Aisha who was slowly getting disappeared in crowd ahead “Naomi… haa, Find her address!” Ravan said with a smirk while his eyes still fixed at place where Aisha Disappeared.

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