Chapter 20: The South Terrace

Jon felt like a giant trap had closed in on him. He remained standing by the staircase where Dante left him for a full minute before coming back fully to his senses. If the gardener gave the calling card to Dante, who knows what else the gardener told him. Jon searched his memory and tried to recall what he said to the gardener. Did he sound desperate? Did his words betray his own thoughts about Dante?

Jon shook his head in despair. Even if the gardener did not repeat their conversation, the calling card itself would be a telltale sign of his desperation to escape the island. Why else would he give it to the gardener with instructions to call Fernan and Lisa?

Aside from this, Dante listened to his call as he talked to Lisa and Vicky. This meant that Dante wanted to hear for himself what the people on the other side of the call were saying. He obviously wanted to stop people from looking for Jon in the next seven days. At the same time, this meant that Dante already knew what Jon was up
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