Chapter 14

A day or so, had passed since that conversation and Alexis spent most of her time holed up, trying to read through the thick books Emilia had left her. The books were more packed than her college books and shortly after her head would be spinning.

Terms like, central mana, epidermal mana, mental mana and emotional mana. After a while she had to read through the same pages multiple times, barely grasping an understanding.

One of the books, the one on magical creatures was actually interesting. It had long chapters that focused on a single creature, it was packed with their abilities, mental capabilities and even hobbies and preferences with dislikes labeled boldly. Warning the readers not to anger them.

She didn't realise that five nervous men stood outside in the guest gardens, under the chrysanthemum tree, shading from the blazing sun, while sitting on a large round picnic bench.

"To think we're all here to meet the violent- I mean, his Emperors mage" on

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