Chapter 16

Alexis couldn't sleep. 

It was like university all over again, except if she actually studied and didn't waste her time away attending frat parties she didn't even partake in much. But, somehow, she became a centre personality for the parties and everyone went to her when they wanted to attend. She scoffed amidst her thoughts, cutting the train of thoughts.

And where did that leave me...' 

She held her temples, "Agathus you worked through this in half an hour?, was it easy?" She didn't want to know, but the checklist she made to check these things bothered her.

"I've been given high level’s of education by his highness, so I'm quite fluent in all these. But the only one I'd call easy would be the language exam." He placed a quill in an ink bottle, raising it only to write on the important documents in front of him.

'Scumbag? I haven't seen him ages.' Two days to be specific.

"Fine give Mister Wallace Silver a call, email, let

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