291_ defeat the enemy


“pray for your life now because i will going to kill you I will pay me you pay for all of the things that you've been done to us and all of the innocent people that you've been killed and all of the humans”

I said to Myrel

“ You couldn't tell me I know that I am much stronger than you”

I smile and said “ That would never going to happen because I know that I am hybrid and you are only a Norma Vampire that couldn't get outside of the sun if My son never exist” I said and She was frustratingly A knife at me

“ Yes maybe you are but I will make sure that I am not going to defeat By a younger wolf like you a half vampire and half wolf I needed to bow to us” Myrel shout

I hit her with my plants power together with my thunder and a she shout in pain

“You would going to pay for all the things that you've been done to me wolf” the demon shout But I never listen to he

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