Chapter 4483

Marianne was shocked and frustrated as she spoke up earnestly and worriedly, “Charlie, I beg you to listen to me. His family will definitely not let you off after you’ve beat him up so badly! How are you going to settle things, then?! Even my father will not be able to protect you...”

“Your father?” Charlie smiled and said, “It would already be very impressive if he could protect himself.”

Having said that, Charlie’s topic did not continue lingering on Shawn, and he said to Marianne, “What’s more, it’s not a question of whether this kid’s family will let me off or not, but it’s whether I am going to let them off or not. If he cannot continue enduring a hundred slaps, his father or godfather will have to endure it on his behalf, then. His father can only blame himself for failing to educate his son properly, and his godfather can only blame himself because he was an accessory to his crimes.”

Marianne was shocked and speechless by Charlie’s words. After a while, she could not help bu
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he is always arrogant
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I seek not for power,but pull it down. I seek not for riches, but for wisdom . Justice and mercy are my friends , I seek not for honor of the world, but for the glory of my God, and for the freedom, love and welfare of my friends and family .

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