25: Be my girlfriend

Emily wasn't just Isabelle's best friend. She was also her sister, gist-partner, buddy, partner-in-crime. 

It was impossible not to know someone so well after spending ten years with them, living close-by, going to the same school and having almost the same group of friends. So, it'd be utterly wrong if Isabelle couldn't tell when something was seriously bothering Emily.

Ten years, and barely nothing had changed.

Whenever Emily was bothered by something, like she had always been the first time she moved in, she'd have this lost look on her face while biting her nail. And that was exactly how Emily was, seated beside her in the classroom.

Watching her exhibit her usual disturbed look, Isabelle couldn't help but remember the day they started talking.

It was a sunny, Sunday afternoon, and the move-in had just been completed. Isabelle's mom had invited Aunt Jane over for a glass of juice

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