Got Ghosted

Got Ghosted

By:  Queen_lhy  Ongoing
Language: English
3 ratings
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Alaister and Sabby were best of friends, and they just wanted to have a peaceful life together. Not until fate played a trick on them.Both girls hoped for a serious relationship, a man that will love her with all his heart. They met the men that they loved, and yet one of them didn't expect to be left out in the air.Who might be between Alaister and Sabby? Who - and why did she - "Got Ghosted"?

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babasahin ko pa bhie. Nakuha mo ko sa title eh. ? good luck
2020-08-13 12:26:23
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Love this book!
2020-06-07 09:54:49
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I love the it. Just a little tweek with grammar and all. Keep it up! ?
2020-07-28 19:59:56
9 Chapters
Chapter One
“Great Burglar”  
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Chapter 2 {What happened?}
“What happened?”  Sabby's POV,
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Chapter 3 {Trouble}
“Trouble”  Alaister's POV,
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Chapter 4 {Loser}
“Loser”  Hugo Clive's POV,
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Chapter 5 {Mini-reunion}
 “Mini-reunion” Alaister POV,
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Chapter 6 {Her friend}
Her friend Alaister's POV,  "CALISTA?" Calis
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Chapter 7 {Fiancé}
“Fiancé” Third Person View; 
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Chapter 8 {Her Suitor}
“Her Suitor”  Sabby's POV,
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Chapter 9 {Kiss}
Kiss  宋体; font-size: 10.5
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