When Fate Messed Up
When Fate Messed Up
Author: TheVeeWriter


     True to its words, you will never appreciate the importance of what you have now until it's gone and out of reach. You may have everything now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? Perhaps you'll see yourself at the bottom looking at the top where you once were.   

     And that... is precisely what happened to me.

     I was just a simple eighteen year old girl who has a loving parent, A typical rich brat who gets everything she desires. I had countless of dreams I wanted to achieve someday. But alas, you just can't be happy without something messing it up and that something is called 'Fate'. Everything I had slipped from my grasp without leaving a single trace of it is being there. My parents kicked me out, I have no roof over my head, no food to eat, not a single penny in my pocket, nowhere to go. All because of one mistake I didn't even do.

     Now, all I have left is myself.  I became a bitch, a slut as most call it. A whore who sells herself for drugs to keep me sane. The Mansion I once lived now turned into a sewage-like place. Nothing but scraps on the table, waking up every day and feeling the same. Asking myself over and over, "When did my life become such a mess?". The beauty men once adored is now slowly fading. 

     Until a man stumbled his way into my messed up life uninvited. Vernon Delaney—a devilishly handsome man. A Millionaire. A manipulative and possessive man. A handsome devil. He asked me to be his sex slave in exchange for luxury I once possessed. A condo of my own, goods, money and even work. All in exchange of being his personal sex slave or to put it nicely, someone who he can fuck whenever he demanded it. Crazy, right? Want to hear something crazier? I accepted it without any reservations, just like any other desperate women out there.

     Because the moment I looked into his bright blue eyes, something about him feels home. Something about him draws me in like no other.

     What life is awaiting for me in his arms? Will I finally get the happiness and love I am looking for? Will Vernon ever see me as a woman and not just his toy? Will he ever... love me?


     "He made a mistake. He shouldn't have touched my prized possession. Do you know what it is?" I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard his voice. Oh, thank God. I actually thought it's a stranger.

     "N-no." The only word I could utter at that moment. 


     He made me face him and looked at me with those cold blue eyes of his that I have come to like and hate. I love how beautiful they are but I hate how it showed no emotion most of the time. I once again felt my heart skipped a bit like it does every time he stares at me.

     He leaned closer to me. So, so close that a small gasp almost escape me.

     "My prized possession is.. You."

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Jimoh Deborah
interesting but some parents are funny just because of reputation you throw ur child out.

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