Chapter 5- Wedding ring

Carl Black was having dinner with his mother and brother at his villa. But his mind was filled with the thoughts of Lisa. The memory of Lisa wearing that red dress was still vivid and he couldn't hide the attractive smile that appeared at the corner of his lips. 

Mack Black who was sitting opposite him saw this and couldn't help but say "Someone seems to be in a good mood." 

Carl Black glared at him without saying anything and continued eating.

"Are you thinking about sister-in-law?"

"Shut up."

Mack Black laughed loudly and sneered "I was just assuming, but it seems I was right."

"Mack, stop it." 

"OK, OK, I was teasing you. Don't get angry."

This time Helen Black interrupted "You two stop talking and eat fast. Mack, don't tease your elder brother."

After dinner, Carl Black went to his study room to prepare for the next day's lecture. But his mind was again shifted to Lisa. He took out his phone and started typing a message, but before sending it, he deleted the message. He muttered "Are you crazy, Carl? It's too late." He was thinking 'what spell did she cast on me? What had she done to me?’ He couldn't stop thinking about her. He leaned back on his chair, closing his eyes. After a long time, he opened his eyes and started working seriously.

On the other side, Lisa was also unable to sleep. She was thinking about how she should reveal her relationship with Daniel Brooke to Carl Black. She was feeling very uneasy. She was thinking about how Carl Black would react when she told him about Daniel Brooke. Would he get angry? Would he be sad? She was feeling suffocated thinking all these. She sighed deeply and murmured "What should I do? I don't want to hurt him, but I have no choice."

She was feeling very helpless as if she was torn apart between the two men. After a long time, she finally fell asleep.

The next day, Lisa reached on time at school. She had some time left before her class start so she started drawing. The drawing was her passion, so whenever she had free time she busied herself in drawing. But that day was different. She was so absent-minded that she couldn't draw anything properly. She was tearing and throwing one after another paper in the dustbin. 

All these were noticed by Anna Green from afar. She came and shouted at her "What are you doing?"

Lisa was startled by the loud snapping of Anna Green and dropped the pencil. She turned her head to face Anna Green and asked helplessly "Why are you shouting?"

"You are wasting so many papers. You can't vent your frustrations on these poor papers. If something is bothering you, say it loudly. Don't waste papers."

"You really care about these papers?"

"I care more about you. What is it? Tell me."

"I have a class now. See you at lunch break."

Lisa grabbed the drawing tools and left. 

Anna Green shook her head helplessly and muttered "This girl is truly impossible."

During the lunch break, they both sat down opposite each other in the cafeteria. Neither of them was interested to speak first so they started eating quietly lowering their heads. 

After a long time, Anna Green looked up and said slowly "Care to tell me now."

Lisa looked up and met the questioning gaze of Anna Green and couldn't help but tell her everything that Daniel Brooke told her to do. Anna Green was so shocked that she was about to vomit. She cast a cold glare at Lisa and exclaimed "Don't tell me that you are planning to do this."

"I have no choice."

"Seriously, Lisa. Are you out of mind? Can't you see how good Mr. Carl Black is? Are you blind?"

"You met him only once. How can you say that he is a good man?"

"I am pretty sure that he is better than Daniel."

"Why are you so against Daniel? If you like Mr. Carl Black so much then go and chase him."

Anna Green’s jaw dropped and she gasped in shock. She was truly angered to death by Lisa. She snapped loudly "You know very well how good is Mr. Black, but you don't want to accept it. You told me to chase him. But for your kind information, I am not that lucky. Mr. Carl Black likes you, not me. Can't you see that?"

Lisa was staring at Anna Green with her mouth agape. She was thinking 'this girl really can talk too much.'

Anna Green shrugged helplessly and asked angrily "What are you staring for?"

"Nothing. By the way, Mr. Black had invited me to accompany him to select the wedding ring."

"Now you are talking. Go, have fun. But I am warning you don't do any stupid thing."

"Why don't you like Daniel? Did he do something bad to you?"

Anna Green sighed softly and said "Forget it. We should not talk too much while eating."

"Ok got it. Now eat fast. Lunch break is about to finish."

After that, they both started giggling and concentrated on eating. 

When Lisa finished her classes, she rushed out of school only to see Carl Black's handsome figure waiting for her at the gate. When she saw him smiling at her, her face turned pale. She was feeling pain in her heart. She forced a smile and said "Hello Mr. Black. How long have you been here?"

"Few minutes. Shall we go now?"


Carl Black drove to a luxury jewelry shop. When Lisa saw the shop she can imagine how costly the jewelry will be here. She felt more distressed and couldn't help but asked "Mr. Black, can we go somewhere else?"

He frowned slightly and asked, "Why?"

"Um... it will be very costly here."

"Don't worry about that. Hmm?"

Very soon they entered the shop and went towards the counter. The attendant greeted them politely "Hello Sir, Hello Ma'am. How can I help you?"

Carl Black asked indifferently "Show some diamond rings."

"There are varieties of diamond rings from low to high ranges. I will show you each of them."

Then the attendant started showing different types of rings one after another. Lisa was not in the mood to see any of these. Her mind was roaming around somewhere else. She was thinking about how she would say Carl Black to cancel the wedding. But seeing him so interested in choosing wedding rings, she felt heartache. Anxiety and uneasiness filled her mind and she became very restless. 

Her flustered face was not hidden from Carl Black's eyes. He asked her "Lisa, which one do you like?"

Without looking clearly, she pointed at a box and said "This one."

"Are you sure?"

Carl Black frowned deeply to see how distracted she was. She literally pointed at an empty box. The ring from that box was in his hand. Looking at the disdainful expression of Lisa, he couldn't help but ask "Do you want some water?"

"Huh?, no."

At that time the attendant started saying "We have sets of couple rings as well. May I show you some?"

"Uh. Huh... " Carl Black nodded and said.

Then the attendant started showing the couple rings. Carl Black was glancing from time to time at Lisa and realized her mind is not there. He was sure that something was bothering her. So Carl Black chose a set of couple rings quickly and asked the attendant to pack it. After the payment, he took the packet and said "Let's go and have dinner with me."

Lisa regained her sense and said "Um… no need for dinner. Please drop me home."

"It’s already time for dinner. Please, I insist you accompany me for dinner."

Lisa sighed helplessly and nodded in agreement. She was thinking that at dinner she would get the time to talk to him. 

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