My Husband Taught Me How To Love

My Husband Taught Me How To Love

By:  Rasi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lisa is a beautiful young girl who is working as a drawing instructor. She was in love with her boyfriend Daniel Brooke, who is an aspiring lawyer, for two years but her parents are pressuring her to get married to their chosen bridegroom Carl Black, who is a professor. Lisa asked Daniel to get married but he refused as he wanted to concentrate on his career. His dream is to be a famous lawyer like his father. To get success and fame he engaged with the daughter of the Mayor of their city which broke Lisa totally and decided to move on and get married to Carl Black. Initially, she was confused and not in love with Carl Black but slowly she started developing feelings for him, but Daniel was not ready to leave her. He tried to get her back in his life and created a misunderstanding between Lisa and Carl Black and their married life became like a living hell. Can they overcome all the odds and save their marriage?

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Fajobi Ayoyimika Busola
beautiful story
2023-06-23 02:19:47
user avatar
Good story!!!!
2021-06-14 09:57:13
user avatar
How often do the author update?
2021-06-07 17:46:57
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Sandraa Martinez Munoz
grea book I also love Carl
2021-01-27 04:24:14
user avatar
So far interesting and still catches my attention.
2020-08-06 20:46:13
155 Chapters
Chapter 1- Accident
'Quantum Physics' It was written in big letters on the board of a classroom of college. An enticingly handsome young man in his early thirties (might be 32-33 years old) was giving a lecture. A white shirt paired with black trousers were perfectly hugging his tall lean body. His chiseled jawline covered by shortly trimmed beards, sharp nose, and a pair of deep black eyes under the gold-rimmed glasses were making him very appealing and attractive. Pushing his glasses a little upon his nose bridge with his forefinger, he continued his lecture "In Classical mechanics objects exist in a particular space at a particular time while in Quantum mechanics objects exist in probability. In other words...." Knock.... knock... He looked at the door and saw a peon. "Yes." "Sorry to disturb you, professor. This is a parcel for you." "Parcel? Who sent me a parcel here?" "There is no name of the sender." "Ok, thank you." He took the parcel and looked at it suspiciously for a while before ke
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Chapter 2- Marriage proposal
Flashback... A few months ago… A beautiful girl in her early twenties, was busy drawing. Her bewitching deep blue eyes were fixed on the drawing board, expression pensive. Very soon, she finished her drawing and turned around to face the students, only to say, "Today's class is all about pencil drawing. It is monochromatic which means there is only one color. We will not use any color. So...." Tringggg....... "Ok children, times up. We will continue this tomorrow" after saying that the girl left the class. As soon as she came out, her phone rang. Seeing the familiar number on the screen, a wide smile appeared on her face, and she answered the call immediately, "Hello." She heard a deep male voice from the other side of the phone, "I am outside." "Coming." After hanging up the phone, she rushed to the gate and saw an elegant 6 feet tall, handsome young man, leaning on his sports car in front of the school gate. He was wearing a royal blue shirt and a pair of gray pants. His
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Chapter 3- You are mine
Linda Holmes was discharged from the hospital the next day. Lisa took leaves for two days to take care of her mother. During these days, Daniel Brooke called and messaged her several times, but she didn't answer any of them. Two days later, she went to school. However, she couldn’t concentrate on her work. To clear her mind, she went to have coffee at the cafeteria. She was looking outside through the window in a daze, holding the cup. Her mind was buzzing while her eyes were empty, devoid of hopes. She didn't take a single sip of the coffee. The coffee turned cold as ice. "What is it? Where is your mind? I was calling you several times, but you didn’t answer me." A sweet female voice came from the top of her head and snatched her back to reality. She looked up and saw her colleague and friend Anna Green who was staring at her with a slight frown. "Oh... It’s nothing." Anna Green sat down on the opposite chair, "Really?... Don't tell me that something is not bothering you. Tell
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Chapter 4- It's my gift for you
After around an hour of driving, they reached the shopping mall. They were roaming from one store to another, but no one was willing to buy anything. Suddenly Anna Green pulled Lisa towards her and whispered in her ear "I want to buy some lingerie. But I am feeling a little uncomfortable in the presence of Mr. Black. You don’t need to accompany me. Just enjoy your time with him, OK?" Actually, she had no intention to buy any lingerie. But she was smart enough to give some privacy to this new couple, so she decided to leave them alone. Lisa was very angry to hear this and asked in a low voice, gnashing her teeth "You are doing this intentionally, right?" Anna chuckled and went towards Carl black totally ignoring Lisa and said "Mr. Black why don't you buy something for Lisa? I am going to buy some necessary items. See you at the entrance after one hour." As soon as she finished speaking she waved her hands to Lisa and Carl Black, turned around, and left. Lisa Pouted angrily seeing th
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Chapter 5- Wedding ring
Carl Black was having dinner with his mother and brother at his villa. But his mind was filled with the thoughts of Lisa. The memory of Lisa wearing that red dress was still vivid and he couldn't hide the attractive smile that appeared at the corner of his lips. Mack Black who was sitting opposite him saw this and couldn't help but say "Someone seems to be in a good mood." Carl Black glared at him without saying anything and continued eating. "Are you thinking about sister-in-law?" "Shut up." Mack Black laughed loudly and sneered "I was just assuming, but it seems I was right." "Mack, stop it." "OK, OK, I was teasing you. Don't get angry." This time Helen Black interrupted "You two stop talking and eat fast. Mack, don't tease your elder brother." After dinner, Carl Black went to his study room to prepare for the next day's lecture. But his mind was again shifted to Lisa. He took out his phone and started typing a message, but before sending it, he deleted the message. He mu
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Chapter 6- Confession
After around an hour of drive, they reached a high-end restaurant. Carl Black had already reserved a private room so they entered directly into the room. They sat opposite each other. Very soon, a waiter came, and they placed the order. Lisa was avoiding eye contact with Carl Black. She was so nervous that she started rubbing her palms impatiently. This was her common habit. Whenever she felt nervous, she began to rub her palms continuously. Carl Black observed her every action attentively. He rubbed his chin, contemplating something. All of a sudden, he placed his palm on her forehead. His action startled Lisa, and she asked in a frenzy, "Mr. Black, what is it?" "I was checking if you are having a fever or not." "Huh...?" Carl Black’s sharp gaze scrutinized her. Lisa looked away from him, feeling oppressed under his scorching gaze. She was scared that he could see through her mind and figure out what she was thinking. After a long pause, he said indifferently, "I have notic
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Chapter 7- Buying gifts
A few days later, Lisa received a call from Carl Black, and she agreed to have dinner with his family. She decided to buy some gifts for them. "Mom, Mr. Black has invited me for dinner tomorrow. I am going to buy some gifts for them." "OK, come back soon." She was waiting for a cab outside her apartment. No taxi was stopping for a long time. At last, she started walking towards the bus stop not to waste any more time. Just then, a car began to honk behind her. She turned back to look and saw Daniel Brooke's sports car. He parked the car and came out. He walked towards her, "Where are you going?" "Why are you here?" "This is not the answer I want. What?... You don't feel happy to see me." Daniel raised his eyebrows. Lisa sighed in dismay, "It's not like that. I was not expecting to see you here." "So you are trying to say that you are surprised to see me. Now tell me, where are you going?" He smiled at her. "To the gift shop." "Come on, I'll drop you." Lisa’s eyes went wide
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Chapter 8- The fight
Lisa was lying on her bed, gazing at the ceiling. She was thinking about the incident that happened in the morning. A few days before, she was planning to tell Carl Black about her relationship with Daniel Brooke, but today she was scared to reveal this. Daniel Brooke almost blurted it out, but she stopped him.  'What just happened? Why can't I tell him?' She asked herself.  She couldn't find an answer. She was so confused that her mind stopped working.   She was so worn out mentally that she fell asleep soon. When she woke up, it was already dark outside. She quickly freshened up and went to the living room. She saw her father talking on the phone, and her mother preparing dinner. She went to the kitchen to help her mother.   "Mom
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Chapter 9- The heart attack
Mark Holmes felt a sharp pain on the left side of his chest, and his breathing became shallow. He was drenched by the sweat, and his vision turned blurry. He clasped his chest to endure the pain, but the pain was so intense that he couldn't stand it anymore. He extended his left hand to call Lisa who was standing a little far away from there facing back to him. But his voice didn’t come out. Slowly he lost his consciousness. Thump......   He fell to the ground. Lisa kept staring in the direction from where Daniel Brooke left but when she heard the dull thump sound she turned around to look back and saw her father, lying on the ground motionlessly.  A shiver ran down her spine and immediately ran to her father, "Dad, Dad, what happened to you?"  
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Chapter 10- The mysterious man
Time passed very soon. It was almost dark outside. Lisa was waiting for Dr. Valentine inside the ward. Just then she received a call from Carl Black. She quickly answered the call "Hello Mr. Black." "Where are you? I came to pick you up but the door is locked." She told him about her father's situation and she heard Carl Black asking "Which hospital?" "Bill Roth hospital." "OK."   After hanging up the call, she turned around and looked at her mother, and said "Mom tonight you go back home. I'll stay here." "No, you are not going to stay here. You go and rest." "Mom but.."  
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