Chapter 6- Confession

After around an hour of drive, they reached a high-end restaurant. Carl Black had already reserved a private room so they entered directly into the room. They sat opposite each other. Very soon, a waiter came, and they placed the order. 

Lisa was avoiding eye contact with Carl Black. She was so nervous that she started rubbing her palms impatiently. This was her common habit. Whenever she felt nervous, she began to rub her palms continuously. 

Carl Black observed her every action attentively. He rubbed his chin, contemplating something. All of a sudden, he placed his palm on her forehead. 

His action startled Lisa, and she asked in a frenzy, "Mr. Black, what is it?"

"I was checking if you are having a fever or not."


Carl Black’s sharp gaze scrutinized her. Lisa looked away from him, feeling oppressed under his scorching gaze. She was scared that he could see through her mind and figure out what she was thinking. 

After a long pause, he said indifferently, "I have noticed that you are lost somewhere. Care to tell me?"


Lisa couldn't find any proper word or more precisely, she was unable to say anything. She didn't know from where to start and how to start, so she kept quiet. 

Carl Black slowly started saying, "Lisa, you can trust me. If you have any problem, tell me I'll try my best to help you."

Lisa only lowered her head to conceal her internal turmoil. Only she knew how confused she was at that moment. 

He continued speaking, "You know I was only 18 when my father passed away. As an elder son, I have to take the responsibilities of my Mom and brother. Mack was only 14 at that time. I was working hard to fulfill all the needs of my family. There was no time for my happiness. For me, the happiness of my family is the happiness of mine." He sighed and added, "I have never dated before. I thought dating is a waste of time and energy. But when I saw you, I have lost all the guards around my heart. I wanted to keep you by my side. For the first time, I wanted someone to be by my side for my happiness. I felt like I will be the happiest person in the world if you stay by my side."

He looked straight into her eyes and said, "Lisa, I want to protect you and give you all the happiness of the world. I want to solve every problem of yours. I want to win your heart."

Hearing Carl Black's confession, Lisa's heart ached so much that she couldn't control her tears from falling. 

She couldn’t restrain herself from asking, "Why do you care for me so much?"

Carl Black stood up, went to her side, and sat down beside her. He wiped her tears with his thumb and said huskily, "because I like you.”

He cupped her face and placed a soft kiss on her forehead, "Don't cry.”

Lisa blinked a few times and gazed at him. Her heart was racing wildly inside her chest. She swallowed hard in nervousness. 

Meanwhile, the waiter came and served the dinner. Carl Black retracted his hands and moved away from her, maintaining a safe distance. 

They started eating quietly. 

Lisa's mind was covered with haze. She was too shy to make eye contact with him. She didn't know what the future holds for her. She was quite confused at that time. But she had to tell him about Daniel Brooke. She should not hide it from him. 

After a long pause, she finally opened her mouth, " You said that you like me. But you hardly know me. If I say I don't like you, what will you do?"

Carl Black chuckled and replied, "I'll make sure that one day you will start liking me."

Lisa was speechless. 

'This man is overconfident.' She muttered in her mind. 

She cast an unpleasant look at him, "You don't know my past. You don't know my friend circle. You don't know anything about me. What if I have …"

He interrupted before she could finish speaking, "I don't care about your past. I only care about the present and future of us. I'll do my best to keep you happy."

Lisa was helpless. This man was not giving her any chance to explain. She was too lazy to continue this conversation so she started eating quietly. Carl Black also didn't say anything. 

After eating a few more bites, she dropped the fork, "I am full."

"Ok, let's go then."

They came out of the restaurant and drove away. 

Lisa was seated in the passenger seat, looking out in a daze. Carl Black glanced at her and said, "Don't think too much. I don't care if you have dated someone or not. You have agreed to the marriage, and this is the most important thing for me."

Lisa frowned deeply and turned her head to look at him. This Man was serious about her, she thought. In the meantime, she remembered what her mother and Anna Green told her. They said that Mr. Carl Black is a very good person, and she will be happy with him. 

'Will I be happy with this man?'

She stared at him, contemplating this. 

He was aware of her piercing gaze. He glanced at her through the corner of his eyes and asked, "Is there anything on my face?"


"You are staring at me for a long time."

Lisa was feeling so ashamed that she looked away and stammered, "Um... n-nothing."

"Hahaha..... I was teasing you."

Lisa looked outside immediately, and her face turned completely red. She bit her lower lips to control her emotions. 

The remaining drive was quiet. After another half an hour of drive, they reached her apartment. As usual Carl Black got down and opened the door for her. 

When Lisa was about to go, he called her, "Mom was asking me to take you home."

Lisa turned around to look back at him. She wanted to deny him, "Mr. Black, I....."

He interrupted her, "Please don't say no. Mom will be happy if you come."

Lisa couldn't deny his request. In the end, she agreed, "I'll come."

"Ok then, I'll call you."

"Good night, Mr. Black."

"Good night, Miss Holmes and don't forget to call me once you reach your room."

Lisa shook her head helplessly and said, "Mr. Black I am safe here. You go first."


Lisa was too lazy to argue with him so she quickly rushed inside. Carl Black was smiling mischievously to see her action. He leaned back in his car while waiting for her call. 

Very soon, he received her call, "Mr. Black I am in my room, now you can go."


When he was about to cut the call, he heard her say again, "Drive safely."


He couldn't conceal the smile on his face. After hanging up the call, he drove back to his villa.

Lisa was panting, and her heart was beating faster and faster. She placed her hand on her chest to calm down. These small actions of Carl Black were curving deeply in her heart. Unknowingly, she started caring for him. After a long shower, she lay on her bed and tried to sleep. 

Suddenly, her phone started ringing. She saw Daniel Brooke's number, flashing on the screen. She immediately answered the phone, "Hello."

"I saw you today to enter a private room with Carl Black."

"You... Are you spying on me?"

"It was a coincidence. I was there to meet my client."


"Did you tell him about us?"

Lisa knew that Daniel Brooke would ask this question. But she was too lazy to think about this, so she tried to change the topic, "How is the progress of your case?"

"Don't change the topic. Answer my question." Daniel Brooke sounded irritated on the phone.

"I'll tell him when the time comes."

"What?... You were alone with him, and you didn't tell him anything? Are you enjoying his company?"

Lisa was frustrated at that time, so she said angrily, "Daniel, I am really tired today, and I am feeling sleepy. Good night."

She hung up the phone immediately. 

On the other side, Daniel Brooke was so angry that he was about to vomit blood. He threw his phone in frustration and shouted, "How dare you?" 

Unable to control his anger, he smashed the night lamp and slammed his fist on the wall. Immediately blood started coming out of the wound. 

He closed his eyes, ran his fingers through his hairs, and cursed loudly, “F**k”. 

That was a sleepless night for the trio. Each of them had different reasons for sleeplessness. Who knows what is hidden in the future.    

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