Chapter Eleven

Thea's POV


          Tears formed in my eyes as I thought about last night. He's vicious and wicked. My father hadn't treated my mother badly ever. Although she was the haughty and wicked one. But my father was always nice to her, I never saw him scolding her and raising his voice on her. He brought me up like a princess. I felt shitty and my heart was aching. I was missing my father, more tears welled down. 

     " What happened, momma? " Enna asked, brushing her fingers on my cheeks. 

     My eyes rested on her worried face and up at Michelle, " Nothing, something stuck in my eyes. " I shook my head. 

    " We'll play with my new football. " She sweetly said, tilting her head to one side. 

    " Okay, " My eyes burned from tears which wanted to break free. My eyes were swollen with crying all night. I missed breakfast

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